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Joy Gardner is the author of 11 published books and 4 self-published booklets that have collectively sold almost 300,000 copies.

Excerpts from published books, currently in print:

Vibrational Healing through the Chakras —

Table of Contents
On Crystals
On Aromatherapy
On Chakras
The Continuum Between Light and Sound
Part One

Pocket Guide to Chakras

Opening & Closing of the Chakras

Excerpts from books that are out-of-print:

Color and Crystals—A Journey through the Chakras

Table of Contents
Part One

Excerpts from Self-Published Books:

Living from the Inside Out

Sister Cave
Sandra's Left Hip
Journey to the Navajo

Body/Mind Journeys



Excerpts from books that are out-of-print
but available at Joy's Store:

A Difficult Decision—A Compassionate Book about Abortion

Our Earth Journey—A Journal Notebook


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