Joy Gardner's

Spectrum of Biological Frequencies

The Continuum Between Light and Sound


"We tend to think of thunder and lightning as two separate phenomena,
when in fact, they occur on a continuum. We perceive them with different organs of perception, at slightly different times, because they travel at different speeds."
-- Joy Gardner

An excerpt from Vibrational Healing through the Chakras by Joy Gardner:

The electromagnetic spectrum encompasses all manner of light waves, including radio and TV waves. It shows the range of visible light, yet I have wondered why it does not show the frequencies of audible sound.

I understand now that all electromagnetic energy moves at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) and that the speed of sound is a mere 770 miles per hour. Nevertheless, I longed to see a spectrum that would include light and sound. Since both could be measured in frequencies, I thought it must be possible. Then I had quite a surprise! I discovered that smell could also be measured in frequencies.

Under Frequencies of Essential Oils  I describe the remarkable work of Bruce Tainio, who invented the BT3 Monitor to measure the frequencies of plants. He found that the same machine could be used to measure the frequencies of food, essential oils, and human beings.

Back in the eighteenth century, a French mathematical genius named Fourier, who invented a type of calculus, developed a mathematical way of converting any pattern, no matter how complex, into a language of simple waves and then back into the original pattern. These equations, now known as Fourier transforms, and are used by scientists in Fourier frequency analysis and they are an essential part of laser technology.

Fourier discovered that the visual cortex does not respond to patterns; it responds to the frequencies of waveforms. He explored the other senses and found that a hundred years previously German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz demonstrated that the ear is a frequency analyzer.

More recent research reveals that the sense of smell is apparently based on something called osmic frequencies. Georg von Bekesy (1899-1972), an American biophysicist born in Hungary, demonstrated that the skin is sensitive to frequencies of vibration, and even produced evidence that taste may involve frequency analysis. He found that physical movements are stored in the brain through a process akin to Fourier mathematics where they are converted into waveforms.

Lest this sound too unbelievable, let’s look at some more mundane examples. Human chauvinism makes us think that reality can be defined only by what human beings experience with their five senses. It is difficult for us to believe that there are sounds we cannot hear and vibrations we cannot feel. Yet we all know that dogs and cats hear sounds that we cannot hear.

The seawater crocodile senses electrical vibrations more than one hundred yards away. The shark has electrosensors covering its snout that allow it to pick up the vibrations of creatures hiding under the sand. Sharks have a hearing-feeling sense on their bodies (scientists call it a lateral line ) that allows them to sense vibrations of moving prey.

I had the privilege of swimming underwater while the humpback whales were “singing” their haunting bellowing calls, truly the most awesome sounds I have ever heard. I felt those sounds through my entire body! Many other swimmers in Hawaii have described the same sensation.

Armed with all this information, I began to imagine a spectrum that would include the range within which humans (and other animals) can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel. I pondered these ideas for several years, and then I produced a Spectrum of Biological Frequencies that includes all the reliable measurements I can find thus far that relate to human and animal senses. ... My Spectrum of Biological Frequencies gives frequencies for visible light as well as sounds, aromas, and food values that we (and other animals) are capable of perceiving. I expect this spectrum to evolve over the coming years, and I invite anyone who has additional information to contact me.

Note from Joy: The secret to creating the Biological Spectrum was to find a unit of measurement that light and sound had in common. Light is usually measured in nanometers (the distance from the crest or top of one wave to the top of another), but it can just as easily be measured in Hertz frequencies (cycles per second). Since sound is measured in Hertz frequencies, this allowed me to create a continuum between these two seemingly different wave phenomena.

Joy Gardner's Biological Spectrum

Please see page 66 of Vibrational Healing through the Chakras
for this illustration. We hope to reproduce it here soon.

Copyright Joy Gardner 2006
Here's a quote from My Big Toe by Thomas Campbell:

"One key datum Bog [Monroe] had derived from his personal study of
out-of-body experience (OOBE) was the perception of a 4 Hz oscillation
within his body and consciousness just before exiting his body and sometimes
just after returning to it. Experimentation showed that when an instrumented
person was caught in that pulsation state in our lab, the EEG indicated the
brainwaves collected by multiple pairs of electrodes were unusually coherent
(in phase), collectively synchronized, and modulated at 4 Hz."




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