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Vibrational Healing
through the Chakras


A great synthesis of the intuitive healing arts. From the ancients to the visionaries, this book is filled with multiple layers of harmony and possibilities."
—Don Campbell, author, Music: Physician for Times to Come and The Mozart Effect

A comprehensive, enjoyable, and meaningful book from a woman who clearly knows what she is talking about and has a genuine intent to serve the needs of others. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking authentic information and awareness about Vibrational Healing."
—Meredith Young-Sowers, author, Agartha:A Journey to the Stars and The Angelic Messenger Cards


"Joy Gardner's book is beautifully written and exquisitely rich in information. It is a must read for anyone interested in the healing powers of light and sound."
—Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D. author, Imagery in Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine

Vibrational Healing
through the Chakras


Reviewer: Bonnie Cehovet (Shelton, WA )

Joy Gardner does not just write about the various healing modalities - she has spent a lifetime working with them. Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras is the result of Gardner's years of study, steadfast research, and working with her clients. An open mind, and an open heart, have served her well on her journey, which has included work as an herbalist, crystal healer, death and loss counselor, sound and aromatherapy healer.

Gardner starts out by stating that all of life - animate and inanimate - is, by nature, vibration. The human body is made up of a series of frequencies that form a harmonic and balanced whole when a person is healthy. Physical or emotional stress alters the bodies vibrational nature. The nature of vibrational healing is to help the body remember its healthy vibrational state. Healers use a combination of modalities to help their clients understand the underlying cause of their dis-ease, to release the energies that need to be released, and to realign their energy bodies. Our chakra system acts as the "control center" for our energy systems.

When the chakras are balanced, our bodies experience their natural harmonic resonance, and we experience a state of good health. The ideal is for all seven chakras to be open and balanced, with no one chakra operating in an "in charge" mode, unless it was so indicated (and this would be for a limited time period). Gardner presents excellent background information on vibrational therapy, including work by people like Nobel biochemist Ilya Prigogine, neurophysiology and psychology teacher Dr. Valerie Hunt. It is interesting to read Gardner's discussion of the chakra system, which can be found incorporated into many different cultures.

Reading this book was like taking a walk back in time for me, with names like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Barbara Ann Brennon and other researchers/healers peppering the pages. The placement of the chakras, the parts of the body that they govern, their spinning nature and color associations are all presented in a very straightforward manner. Each modality is covered in its own section, for easy reference. In the section on light, color and frequencies Gardner begins with the statement that every sound we hear is filter through the three primary sounds of our nerves, muscles and blood. Everything that we see is filtered through our personal electromagnetic aura.

There is an excellent in depth section presented on the electromagnetic spectrum, and how it functions. One of the things that I found very interesting in this chapter was how important sunlight is to us, and how important it is to not wear any form of glasses when we are in sunlight, unless we must. Cellular response to both light and color is also addressed here. In the section on color, Gardner begins by commenting on the ability of color to bring joy into our lives. (Conversely, in the well documented area of SAD, lack of sunlight has been shown to have the ability to bring on depression.)

Color healing has as its goal the strengthening of each color in our aura. Working with color-charged water (something so simple that I had never even heard of, or thought of!), and the use of specific colors in specific areas of the face (which acts as a microcosm of the body) are only a couple of the ways that Gardner presents for placing color in our lives.

Healing with voice (sound) is something that I have worked with myself, and was one of my favorite chapters. Mystics from many cultures agree upon the absolute power of sound. Sound has a very spiritual connotation - it carries the history of a people through their song and dance, a venue that to our discredit we are allowing to fade away. Toning, sounding, or what is termed the "primal scream" is on way of releasing bent-up energy from our bodies (energies that are being held in our muscles and bones). Through systematic abdominal breathing, we can easily clear and ground our systems. I am definitely a chart person, and there is an excellent chart at the end of this chapter associating the seven chakras with specific colors, notes and tones.

In the section on aromatherapy, Gardner goes into the spiritual and magical uses of aromas, such as burning incense or wearing perfume. Essential oils carry specific frequencies, which can be used as aids in healing. One of the things that I appreciated about this chapter was the precautions about the use of essential oils - how to best use them, and when not to use them. Recipes are given for creating oils for specific use, such as the prevention of fleas in animals and the removal of odors, as well as for healing.

In the section on healing with crystals, Gardner goes into the spiritual and cultural use of crystals, which include healing as well as acting as carriers for wisdom. (In my practice as a Tarot reader, I have my clients hold rose quartz crystal during their readings. It acts to open their hearts to the reading, it acts to protect them, and to carry the wisdom from the reading home with them.) I loved the lists that were presented for building a Beginners Kit, and a Crystal Healer's kit. There is also a common sense view on cleaning/clearing crystals, and their use as jewelry (with some interesting indications on when NOT to wear certain stones). Basic layouts are presented for working with clients and crystals for healing/balancing, and with crystals in association with specific chakras.

At the end of the book is a comprehensive glossary and recommended reading list. Between the hard line research presented here, and the stories Gardner shares from her own life, and from her clients lives, this is an excellent book. A good place to start when investigating vibrational healing, and a good book to have for reference purposes. Students of all levels will find this material interesting, and easy to place into use in their lives.


Monthly Aspectarian, April 2006 (Chicago)

by Jeanne Spiro

The human body is made of frequencies that are harmonic and balanced when one is healthy. But as one experiences physical or emotional stress, the vibrations of the body become out of tune. Vibrations and harmonic frequency thus have an instrumental though often little known effect on one's well-being.

In Vibrational Healing through the Chakras, Joy Gardner presnts information on guiding one's body to a healthy, harmonic resonance. Vibrational tools such as aromatherapy, bodywork, homeopathy, crystals and musical influences are used as a means of replacing dysfunctional physical and emotional patterns with uplifting and rejuvenating vibrations. Gardner also addresses how chakras and energy fields are used as healing sources. Whether one is interested in improving their own health or intent on becoming a healing practitioner, this is an invaluable resource for a positive, well-balanced lifestyle.

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