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Joy's books cover Vibrational Healing, Healing with Sound, Alternative Healing,
Chakra Healing, Holistic Health, Natural Medicine, Color Therapy,
Balancing Chakras, Healing Stones and Aromatherapy

Joy Gardner is the author of 11 published books, 5 self-published booklets, 2 CDs, and a set of 9 DVDs, some of which are available from the Store, and from The first 2 books below may also be ordered from your local bookstore. All of the items below may be ordered through Joy's Store.


"The human body is made up of frequencies that form a harmonic and balanced whole when a person is healthy. The vibrations of the body easily go out of tune when a person experiences physical or emotional stress. Vibrational Healing employs vibratory tools to help the body remember its own healthy harmonic resonance . . . . The vibratory energies emanating from color, crystals, aromatherapy, light, and sound can break up these blockages, releasing the energy and allowing it to flow freely."

--Joy Gardner
Vibrational Healing through the Chakras



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Vibrational Healing
through the Chakras

with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy

One reader wrote: "I'm amazed you managed to pack so much wonderful material under one cover!"

Vibrational Healing through the Chakras provides the most up-to-date information on how vibrational tools help the body remember its own healthy harmonic frequency. Exploring the use of color, crystals, essential oils, light, and sound, this in-depth book is a scientific, historical, and practical guide for people interested in improving their own health, as well as those who want to become practitioners of this gentle science.

This book is available from Joy's Store, from, and from your local bookstore.

Vibrational Healing through the Chakras has been translated into
Chinese and Portuguese.

It was a second place finalist in the category of Health and Healing from The Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) at the 2007 International New Age Trade Association West (INATS). 

Pocket Guide to Chakras

One reader wrote: "This is by far the best little book about chakras that I have ever seen!"

GThis compact book gives a basic simple introduction to the chakras, with the colors, crystals, sounds, and essential oils that correspond to each chakra. Also the excessive, deficient, and balanced personality type for each chakra, with a detailed explanation about what causes each chakra to open and to close.


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Altered States of
Planet Earth - CD

The powerful voice of the Shaman rides into your soul on the wings of the mystical didjeridoo, carrying you to distant lands and altered states.

Perfect for massage, trance dance, contact improv, making love and planetary healing.


Excerpts can be heard at CD Baby.

Toning the Chakras - CD

Combine color breathing and toning for each of the 7 chakras. Inhale the color. Fix it at the chakra. Exhale while toning the vowel sounds. Tone along with Joy and Richard until you reach the crown chakra. Then relax and meditate with Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Tamboura and a drone for 10 minutes. Then tone once for each chakra, going down, to get grounded. The tones strengthen and balance the chakras and the aura, and enhance meditation. After just 20 minutes, you feel refreshed and renewed.

Track One - Tone along with Joy & Richard
Track Two - Instructions

This CD is available only from Joy's Store.


Crystals & Aromatherapy--

Balancing the Chakras



Joy's most popular workshop, Crystals and Aromatherapy--Balancing the Chakras
is now available as a series of Streaming Videos or DVDs. Become adept at using these vibratory tools. Let the stones speak to you. Feel the energies of the colors. Smell the intoxicating aromas. Enrich your life, your home, and your healing practice with these powerful tools -- a total of 47 crystals and 18 essential oils.. This course is designed for beginners as well as practitioners.

9 hours of instruction / 9 DVDs


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Table of Contents

The Author
The Healing Process
Underlying Cause: Breast Lumps
Ceremony for Saying Good-Bye (a Death)
Past Life - Wendy And The Ivory Coast
Underlying Cause: Motherhood And Rape
Cellular Consciousness: Cancer Of The Cervix
Kate: Healing After Abortion
Doris - An Unusual Case of Cording
Diabetes – Present Life Regression - Cellular Consciousness

"Reading these stories is like doing an apprenticeship
with Joy. It's so intimate. I feel grateful that Joy's clients have allowed her to share these profoundly personal stories with us. It helps me to understand the depth and breadth of Joy's work, and it gives me a doorway to step into being able to do this work myself."

"Body/Mind Journeys is one of my favorites! I just love reading real stories of healing and transformation. So inspiring! I hope I can have stories like that of my own to tell one day!" -- Hilde Meffert

Body/Mind Journeys

A Collection of Transcripts from
Private Sessions
with Joy Gardner




This booklet is only available from Joy's Store,

as an eBook or in hard copy

Color-Coded Chakra Guide to Crystals & Aromatherapy

Third Edition






This booklet is available from the Store,

as an eBook or in hard copy.

This handy little booklet give you thumbnail sketches of all 47 crystals and 18 essential oils that Joy describes in her books and DVDs. This is the perfect Guide to have at your side when you are seeing clients. The color-coding, according to the colors of the chakras, makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

Our Earth Journey

A Healing Notebook


This book is not currently available.
It is out-of-print and only available used.



This Journal has blank decorated pages for you to
write on.

Every other page has a quote from one of Joy's books -- a collection of thoughts to inspire your sense of interrelatedness with nature, with the crystals, with the process of giving birth, with your connectedness with your loved ones.

Open it at random to get a 'reading' for the day.

"Now that we're moving toward the Light, the crystals are ready to reflect back the Light that we're finding within. The infinite variety of crystals assures us that we can be totally unique and remain beautifully in the Light."

"A major part of healing is to mend your heart. Your heart is at the center of your body and, when your heart energy flows, your whole being is full. Then you radiate love energy to everyone around you."

"The honeycomb is the most secure structure. Every cell is open at either end, so that the sweetness can flow in and flow out. That's the only security there is. Try to give up all your constructs of how a relationship has to work."



A Difficult Decision

A Compassionate Book About Abortion

"Finding myself with an unwanted pregnancy, I didn't know where to turn. I lost my closest female friend--she wouldn't tolerate me considering not to have a child at this time. Your book was a real friend to me through the whole painful process and I just want to thank you. I can't imagine what this experience might have been like without the information and spiritual support your book provided."

--A woman in Colorado

"The counselors have found your book to be very valuable in their work and I would like to take this opportunit to commend you on this very worthwhile contribution."
--Rosanne Clissa, Education Director, The Family PLanning Association of Western Australia

"Stories of adoption, how to heal oneself after an abortion, grief and guilt and recognizaing the spirit of the potential baby are all included. This is a book about a volatile subject straight from the heart."
--Imprints, Birth and LIfe Catalogue

This book is only available directly from Joy.
The price of this rare book has gone up.
Please contact me directly for unused, signed copies of this book and also ABORTION, A PERSONAL APPROACH

Joyous Food
for High Frequency People

Free of Wheat, Dairy, Refined Sugar & Red Meat


"Joyous Foods for High Frequency People are foods that bring you joy; foods that resonate with your body and leave you feeling satisfied and happy. These are foods that don’t bring you down—they keep you humming and feeling good, inside and out."

You're going to want this book whether you have food sensitivities or not, but if you do, it will make a huge difference in your life. These recipes span across virtually every cultural cuisine, including the very finest versions of Ratatouille, Mexican Refried Beans and Mombasa Fish Curry.

Learn how to make amazing salads and magnificent smoothies. Start the day with Banana Cream Oatmeal or a Mushroom Egg Fu Yung Omelet. And the wheatless pancakes and muffins and noodle dishes. Try a great Walnut Pate, or Avocado Pesto.

Many of these recipes are specially indicated for potlucks and large group gatherings, including Broccoli Custard, Fried Rice with Portobella Mushrooms, Chili Con Veggie, Indian Style Butternut Squash and Simple Dahl. Don't forget the Pumpkin Soup and Minestrone Style Soup and Miso Tofu Soup. And the Chai Tea without caffeine.

For the Omnivores, we have Curried Chicken, Teriyaki Mahi Mahi and Chicken Salad in Papaya Bowls. And for dessert, help yourself to some Custard Rice Pudding or Metaphysical Oat Bars or an Outrageous Banana Split. What fun!

(178 pages)

This book is available from the Store.
It is currently only available here, as a book and eBook.


Color and Crystals

A Journey through the Chakras

This book walks you through the process of healing with color and crystals and their interaction with the chakras. In very clear language, Joy Gardner-Gordon demystifies the mystical. COLOR AND CRYSTALS is an excellent resource book for everyone, from beginners to experienced healers, from those new to these therapies to those who want to expand their skills.
"If you find COLOR AND CRYSTALS hard to believe, I can sympathize. When I read THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, I tried talking to my potted plants, but I just couldn't get into it. After reading THE SPIRIT OF FINDHORN, I wanted to talk to the fiaries, but it didn't come naturally. Little did I know that within years I'd be carrying on lively conversations with rocks!
"As Westerners we believe that life energ is limited to things that move and take nourishment and eliminate waste and reproduce. This is a cultural bias, not shared by most so-called primitive people."

This book is available from the Store.
It is currently out-of-print and only available used or here,
as an eBook.


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