COLOR Healing (Chromotherapy)

Learn about the colors of the seven chakras, and how to use colored light to heal the human energy field (the aura).

Much as a prism takes sunlight and breaks it into the seven colors of the rainbow, each of your chakras funnels one of the seven colors of light into your electromagnetic aura that surrounds and energetically feeds your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. When stress or trauma occur, or a poor diet, these chakras close down to some degree, and are less capable of absorbing the healing and energizing rays. Then it can be helpful to introduce light from an external source, such as a Color Lamp.

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Scientific Studies with Colored Light

Here are the 7 colors that correspond to the 7 main chakras, according to the Rainbow System:

First Chakra (tailbone area) - Red
Second Chakra ((below the navel) - Orange
Third Chakra (above the navel) - Yellow
Fourth Chakra (at the chest) - Green and Pink
Fifth Chakra (base of neck) - Blue
Sixth Chakra (center of forehead - Indigo (Bluish Purple)
Seventh Chakra (crown of head) - Violet


Joy teaches about color in her workshop on Crystals and Aromatherapy -- Balancing the Chakras. See the Calendar for more information.


Colored Lamp

A simple lamp that takes plastic gels is carried by Vita-Gem Enterprises ( It sells for under $100 including shipping and it comes with 4 gels that can be combined for the basic 7 colors. This is adequate for beginners. The lamp does not come with a bulb. They recommend a 90-100 watt Halogen spot, but this gives off considerable heat and it melts the gels and it can even burn the skin with the red or orange filter (if you experience this, immediately use blue light, which is anti-inflammatory). I have found that a 60 watt Syvania Double Life Flood / Indoor bulb gives off just as much color without the heat.

Roscolene Filters

Darius Dinshah (see below) recommends using high quality plastic Roscolene Filters, which can be ordered from Samarco Inc., P.O. Box 153008, Dallas, TX 75315-3008, phone 214-421-0757, for under $50 including shipping. When you contact Samarco, tell them you want the colors that Dinshah recommends. Already assembled and labelled sets are available in 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches or 8 by 10 inches. If you are using the lamp from Vita-Gem, you will need the 8 by 10 size and cut them down to fit the lamp.

Color Healing Book - Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah

If you want to pursue the medical usage of color healing, I recommend getting a copy of Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah. He gives instructions for using colored light to treat 331 health conditions.

How to Use the Dinshah Book

His father, Dinshah P. Ghadiali (1873-1966) was born in India, where he studied chemistry, physics and electricity, in addition to his spiritual practices. In 1917 he became a US citizen. He developed a method called The Spectro-Chrome System that uses “tonations,” using one color on a given area, applied directly to the flesh (without clothing), for one hour. He used five color filters of red, yellow, green, blue and violet, and then combined them to obtain the following colors:
red and yellow = orange
yellow and green = lemon
green and blue = turquoise
blue and violet = indigo
violet and yellow = purple
red and violet = magenta
red and blue = scarlet

After Ghadiali’s death, his son Darius changed his name to reflect his father’s more famous first name, becoming Darius Dinshah, and carried on his father’s work by writing Let There Be Light, which was published in 2003. More at Darius Dinshaw's Website for Let There Be Light



The following excerpts were taken from Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy and from Pocket Guide to Chakras and Color and Crystals, A Journey through the Chakras, Revised Edition (currently out of print), all by Joy Gardner


Your Aura & Your Chakras

Your energy field or aura precedes you wherever you go, and all your perceptions are colored by that aura. Your ability to deeply appreciate color is an indication of how open your channels are. You may be like the person who sees life through rose-colored glasses, or the one for whom all perceptions must pass through a gray fog. . .

 Life is not measured by what happens to you, but how you react to those events. When the chakras are clear and open, you are like a master of martial arts, standing totally relaxed, able to respond instantly and appropriately to whatever comes your way. You are in a state of ready alertness, totally alive and in the moment.

There are many ways to bring color into your life. You can absorb it as colored light; you can apply it to injured bone or tissues in the form of a handheld laser; you can wear it as colored clothing or jewelry; you can ingest it as food, or juice, or colored water; you can take it in through your eyes; or you can visualize it through inner vision.

Red - First Chakra

The dazzling red will intensify whatever you are feeling. It will warm and speed up the molecules. It is the color of passion. It is used sparingly in the flowers, and only for emphasis in the sunsets. It is used to arouse attention and interest. There is balance when red is used sparingly. Do not cut yourself off from passion. It has its place. It is a source of power and self-confidence, which you should always have access to. It is an intensity of energy and anger which is frightening or disturbing to many.

But if you are to be whole, then you will need access to this part of your nature. You may at times need to act forcefully, as a warrior, to defend that which you love. You may need to summon great strength, to move through a difficult situation.

But red is frightening to many people, because they have seen the damage that can be done when it gets out of hand. The red of fire has brought both warmth and misery. The red of anger enables us to feel both intensity and pain. The red of confidence can erupt into egotism and exhibitionism. The red of passion can turn to greed.

The red of anger results in an explosive force, which you perceive as violence. This may express itself as a tantrum, abrasive behavior, belligerence, insult, physical abuse, rape, or even murder. “Seeing red” is an actual phenomenon. This expression of violence often occurs when the use of alcohol or drugs has removed the usual social inhibitions that prevent their expression. An alternate route is indirect expression through illness. Then the violence is expressed through red as inflammation. Nearly every illness involves some aspect of inflammation.

A man who wants his lover to feel amorous toward him will bring her red roses, which stimulate the sexual center at her first chakra. Roses are popular, particularly if they are aromatic, because this gives them a very potent source of vibrational energy.

Orange - Second Chakra

Orange is a sociable color; it combines the physical red with the intellectual yellow, so it is good to use in living rooms, family rooms, classrooms, and social areas.  For sociability use a light orange, because the red in reddish orange can be over-stimulating and create nervousness—unless a more stimulating atmosphere is desirable, like in a gym or a dance hall.

This is the color to wear when you're feeling friendly. An orange shirt (preferably combined with a smile) will almost guarantee that strangers will come up and start conversations with you.

It is rumored that the reason why one popular fast-food chain has bright orange and pink seats is because the pink attracts customers, and the orange is friendly but it energizes the customers so they don't want to relax and stay too long.

Yellow - Third Chakra

Yellow is the color of happiness. As an example of how this works, when I was living in Seattle I was involved in an unhappy marriage when a psychic woman told me that I needed more yellow. One gloomy Seattle day, I had a terrible argument with my husband, and I stomped out of the house and walked up the street.

As I was walking, I saw a whole rock face covered with beautiful yellow and orange flowers and I said to myself, "She said I need more yellow." So I proceeded to inhale the rich yellow as I gazed at these brilliant flowers. Within minutes, I was filled with joy.

After that I painted my desk yellow. I liked it so well that I painted my bookcase yellow. That was so pleasing that I painted my whole room yellow.

The Book of Guidance says, "You see my sun as yellow. Through the color yellow I give you warmth and an inner glow. I radiate. This is the source of relaxation. Deep relaxation. Because you relax when you feel accepted. Then you can stop trying so hard. When you come out to the beach and lie in the sun, you relax completely because you know that nothing is expected of you. When you know that nothing is expected of you, you can just relax and be yourself. Now there is a place at the center of your body called the solar plexus. Just as my sun radiates acceptance, warmth, and relaxation from the center of your universe, you can also radiate acceptance, warmth, and relaxation from the center of your being."

Dr. Laing says, "Yellow goes straight to the soul. It is the common man. Common as the daisy and the dandelion. This soul is accessible to everyone. It is not esoteric or occult; it is ordinary. Yellow is the Middle Way. The Controller and Regulator. The Center of Strength. It is our link with the great Central Sun. It receives the radiations of the heavens and sends tentacles down to earth. It is a source of heat and energy without over-stimulation. Nourishing like sunlight."

In a less developed person, yellow will be mixed with red, indicating an obsession with accumulating things for one's self. Personal power will be directed in a self-serving direction and will not bring with it a sense of fulfillment.

The third chakra relates to digestion. Yellow relates to relaxation at meals and the flow of juices; digestive juices and bile, as well as adrenal and sexual hormones, all things that flow and radiate. Not blood because that is red and of the first chakra. But it does control dilation and constriction of the blood vessels.

Radiant relaxation comes from here. The solar plexus is the Center of Breath. The diaphragm is located at the third chakra, so the color yellow at the third chakra is helpful for someone who is not breathing deeply because of tension or fear.

Green and Pink - Fourth Chakra

Green is the color of healing. Almost all the healing herbs are green. Since it is at the center of the spectrum, green is the most balanced color. When you feel tense, it is wonderfully relaxing to go for a drive in the country or sit in a meadow of green grass. Green is nature's way of loving you. Nature is full of the healing colors of pink and green. The Book of Guidance says, "The pink of the sunrise and sunset, the green of the forests and grasses . . . these are the colors of my love. Just inhale and bring these colors into your chest, and feel the depth of my love. Think of a rich green meadow, and as you draw in your breath, inhale the green of the grasses, directly into your heart."

Pink is the most powerful color for sending love to another person. When someone feels needy, you can mentally direct a ray of pink light in her direction and you will notice an immediate change. One of my clients lived with a psychotic man who constantly fought with her. I advised her to send him pink light when he was irritable. The next time he harassed her, she sent him pink light and, to her amazement, he immediately stopped arguing. A man who has argued with his wife might bring her pink roses, which awakens her fourth chakra, making her feel more forgiving.

I was once invited to talk to a group of midwives. Many of them had been seeing colored auras around the women and babies they delivered, and they wanted to understand what they were seeing. The following quote was taken from a lecture that Dr. Laing gave me in preparation for this talk.

"The first thing to talk about is pink. Pink is the color of health. Babies should be pink. Vaginas should be pink. Pink is the color of love and good health. It is the central color. It shows that everything is in good balance and that love is flowing. If babies are not nice and pink, then they are holding on to their past. And that will happen when they are not sure if they are well-loved. A midwife should urge the couple to take time every day just for loving each other and the baby.

"If a couple want to become pregnant, the woman should wear a pink heart around her neck, and the man should cut his hair very short in the back (though this need not be visible; the outer layers of hair may be long, if desired). The pink heart indicates the woman's willingness to give love. The man's hair indicates his willingness to make sacrifices."

Being in the presence of someone who has a strong pink aura—someone who leads with her heart chakra and exudes unconditional love and acceptance—will tend to stimulate your own heart chakra so that you feel more loving and forgiving toward yourself and others. This may have been the effect that Mother Theresa had upon people. It certainly was how Elisabeth Kubler-Ross worked with her dying patients, and the impact that the Dalai Lama has upon his thousands of followers.

Blue - Fifth Chakra

The Book of Guidance says, "Sit and inhale this color . As you absorb blue into your being, you will experience a cool feeling, a calm feeling, a slowing down of your energies. Blue must be used with moderation. One can get so slow that one loses all motivation, all excitement, all appreciation of life force.
But most people can do with more blue. There is a deficit of this calm energy in the world today. There is so much clamor for excitement, for the opposite red energy, because people have become numb inside . . . So these people who crave stimulation do not often appreciate the calming energy of the blue.

"It is my quietness. It is my stillness. I fill my sky with it. I fill my waters with this wonderful color. It is one of my greatest gifts to you. Fishermen and swimmers and pilots often know the peace of going `into the wild blue yonder.' It calls to them in a way they cannot explain. When you feel the blue, you experience my essence. You partake in divinity. You lose your ego consciousness and experience complete bliss."

Spiritual children are those who have not closed down their fifth chakra. Their parents allow them to speak freely, to sing, and when necessary, to cry and scream. They have been encouraged to trust their own perceptions and to follow their instincts. These children may experience conflict when they enter school and encounter a new set of values. This may result in sore throats or ear infections (which indicate an inability to speak freely or an unwillingness to hear what is being said to you). The blue light will comfort these children. They need to talk about the conflict they are feeling and be reassured that their reality—though it is different from the norm—is valid.

As an example of how blue can be used therapeutically, Dr. Laing gave the following instructions to a group of midwives: "If the baby's skin is too red, then it is too excited. This condition should be watched closely because it can become habitual and lead to heart troubles and high blood pressure in later life. If the baby's mother learns how to handle it, these patterns can be changed. Help the baby to relax. To do this, help the mother to relax. Impress upon her that her relaxation is good for the baby. Give her plenty of blue light. Put her under a blue lamp. Have her wear blue clothes. Listen to soothing music. Bring in blue flowers. Create a calm environment. . . When children are too excited, use blue. Always have on hand a blue outfit. The reason why little boys are traditionally dressed in blue is because most boys have more energy, and this is a way of calming them down."

One of my students is a kindergarten teacher. After learning about the calming effect of blue, she instituted a new program for her children. On days when all the kids are climbing the walls, yelling and screaming and acting out, she'll say, "Today's a blue day!" Then she'll bring out blue poster paint and blue play dough and blue construction paper and blue magic markers and she'll tell each child to do a project in blue. She says the effect is remarkably calming. In fact, blue classrooms are used for hyperactive children and blue holding rooms are used in prisons.

Blue can also be used effectively for the dying. Blue pictures, blue blankets, and blue flowers are calming and soothing to one who is letting go of life. If you are sitting by the bedside of one who is dying, the tone "u" (as in blue) can help to calm their nerves and accompany them into a different reality. Try it, and see if the effect seems beneficial. Perhaps this person will want to join you. But do not persist if the sound is not pleasing to them.

Indigo, Purple or Violet - Sixth Chakra

Indigo is a bluish purple. This color will help you to sleep. It calms the psyche (the human soul, spirit, and mind). It helps the mind to enter into a higher vibration, where it can be receptive both to Silence, and to the inner voice of Guidance.

This is the color used by Royalty, and by Priests. It is the color of the lapis lazuli.

The third eye is the center of psychic powers and higher intuition. The color indigo will help you to experience telepathy, astral travel, and past lives.

This color is deadly to various parasites and bacteria.

Note: Some clairvoyants report seeing violet light at the third eye, and white at the crown.

Violet or White- Seventh Chakra

Violet in the aura indicates a person who is spiritually evolved. If you wish to evolve spiritually, it is beneficial to surround yourself with this color.

A teacher who was a student of Edgar Cayce could see auras. When her children came to school in the mornings, she noticed that each child had a color that predominated in their aura. But there was one little girl who always had a white aura when she came to school. As she played with different children, the predominant colors in their auras would come into her aura, until, at the end of the day, she had a rainbow-colored aura.

Being in the presence of a person who has achieved self-realization—someone who has a strong white aura—will tend to give you a profound sense of inner peace. When your energy entrains to your teacher’s energy, this is called darshan, and this may help you in your spiritual quest.

Notes: Dr. Laing is the author’s Spirit Guide, as channeled in 1976.
The Book of Guidance was channeled by the author in 1985. It is available through the Store (even if not currently listed).



Dr. Laing, author’s Spirit Guide, in personal conversation, as channeled in 1976 in Eugene, Oregon.


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