Stable crystalline structures interact with your subtle energy currents, entraining your energy field to a healthy harmonious flow.

 Crystal Healing, Crystals, Healing with Gemstones, New Age, crystal layouts,  healing with gemstones   
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Crystal Healing, Crystals, Healing with Gemstones, New Age, crystal layouts,  Vibrational Healing, Vibrational Healing through the ChakrasHealing with Crystals

The following excerpts were taken from Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy, and from Color & Crystals, both by Joy Gardner.

How to Read a Stone

I like to approach a new crystal like a newborn baby. When I see a new baby, the first thing I do is to look at her. I look into her eyes, I look at her hair, her ears, her fingers and toes. I like to look at a crystal with the same kind of open-minded wonder, curiosity and appreciation.

Think about the signature of the stone. In herbalism, the signature of plants is a phenomenon in which the size, shape, texture and behavior of a plant gives clues about its healing properties. For example, comfrey and mullein have large, lobe-shaped leaves that resemble the lungs, and they are in fact beneficial for the lungs. Aloe vera mends itself rapidly when an incision is made in its leaf, and similarly, aloe is used for skin abrasions, to hasten healing.

Malachite, a bright green stone, has bubbly or bulls-eye patterns. The energy of malachite seems to bubble up to the surface, often quite joyfully. I think of malachite as a joyful stone, and as a stone that assists people in bringing their emotions up to the surface.

Now close your eyes and hold the stone at each of your seven major chakras. Hold the intention to do a general reading for the stone, rather than a specific reading for your personal relationship with this stone (later you can do a personal reading for yourself in a similar manner, by changing your intention). Hold the stone a couple inches in front of each chakra. Feel how the energy of the chakra interacts (or fails to interact) with the stone.

When I hold the malachite over my first and second chakras, I don’t feel anything particular. Holding it over the third chakra, I feel significant movement and a sense of expansion. The third chakra relates to the emotions and personal power, so I ask my energy body whether the stone is affecting the emotions or the personal power, or both. With the malachite, it seems to be affecting the emotions.

After going through all seven chakras, bring the stone back to your third eye. Hold it a couple inches away from your body. Now ask the stone, “What is your healing power?” Breathe deeply and wait for an answer.

"Every life form that interacts with you leaves its mark upon you. . . ."

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto showed in his book, The Message from Water, how crystal patterns formed in frozen drops of water. The water crystals seem to respond to emotions, words, music, and essential oils. In one experiment, Emoto wrote thank you on a bottle of water and left it overnight, and by the next morning a strong symmetrical crystal pattern formed. He wrote You make me sick, I will kill you on a bottle of water and left it overnight, and by the next morning it formed a pattern that had no coherency and no crystalline structure.

Your body is 70 percent water. If Emoto’s research is accurate, the water in your body imprints constantly from your environment. You absorb the emotions of people who are in your daily environment. You absorb the frequencies of music and other sounds and  aromas in your environment. You also absorb the energies of crystals that are placed on your body. Researchers in England did an experiment similar to Emoto’s with an amethyst crystal and the frozen ice revealed the pattern of tiny crystals shaped like the amethyst.

As humans we like to believe that we have dominion over all the “lesser” kingdoms—yet in some sense, the opposite is true. No other life form has such a delicate, unstable, easily influenced energy field. Every life form that interacts with you leaves its mark upon you. . . .
[from Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras by Joy Gardner ]

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     When your chakras are open, the energy flows freely through body, mind and spirit. You feel happy, and there is no place for illness to lodge. The educated use of crystals, color and aromatherapy shatters and eliminates old patterns, grounding new frequencies into your being. Stable crystalline structures interact with your subtle energy currents, entraining the energy field to a healthy harmonious flow. Learn crystal layouts, color therapy, and how to use essential oils to open and balance the chakras.


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The Individuality of Stones

Each healing stone has a unique energy, just as you have your own unique energy. Each category of stones also has a unique energy, just as your own family has. Now think of your uncle. How do you feel about him? How would you describe him? Do your other siblings see him exactly the way you do? Does your mother? Do your friends?

Your perception of your uncle is the reflection of how your energy and personality interacts with his. Your sister may see him completely differently. You may think he is funny and she may think he is corny.

It is the same with the stones. I may experience obsidian as being grounding, and you may find it uplifting. There is no way to be wrong about your perceptions. If it is uplifting to you then that is your truth. Use it that way. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It would be a shame, for example, if you stopped laughing at your uncle’s jokes, just because your sister did not like them.

This is one reason why you will find contradictory information in different books about the qualities of the crystals. Yet it is remarkable that there is so much agreement—just as there is some degree of consensus about whether a person is good-hearted and generous or whether she is stingy and selfish.

For this reason, I am reluctant to assign qualities to the stones. But when you are new to the stones, unless you are extremely intuitive, it may be difficult to “tune in” to them. So you can use my descriptions as a jumping-off point. Ideally, take the time to get your own readings on each of them.

Bear in mind when you are working with a friend or client that he may not experience the energy of a given stone the same way you do. It is good to pause for a minute after placing a stone on his body, and ask: “How does that feel?” Tell him he can move the stone around any way he wants. Reassure him that he may not feel anything, but the stone is still doing its work. If he says that it feels heavy (note that very large stones can feel light, and small stones can feel heavy), or disturbing, offer to remove the stone and try another.

[Joy Gardner, Color and Crystals, a Journey through the Chakras (Berkeley, CA: The Crossing Press, 1988. This book is currently out-of-print, though used copies may be obtained through and elsewhere. Joy's more recent book, Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy, also contains much information about crystals, crystal healing and crystal layouts. The latter book can be ordered from your local bookstore, or through]

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