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January 11, 2011

Why Is It Good that Essential Oils have a High Frequency?

Dear Joy, I found your website and read the part about essential oils having a higher frequency than herbs and foods, which made me decide to start using them in my holistic practice. I am amazed by how many people respond to the oils on my muscle testing. I wonder if you would mind telling me how I can explain why it is good that essential oils have a higher frequency than other remedies. I don't know the answer to this question myself. Also, how do homeopathic remedies compare in frequency? I guess I didn't think it would be good for a remedy to have a higher frequency, but it would be important for it to have a frequency that helps the patient (whatever that is!) Thanks for any help you can give me.
Sincerely, William Kotheimer, D.C.
Cincinnati area

Dear William This is such a great question. I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts about this—including yours! Here are some of my thoughts on the subject. (By the way, all this data comes from my book, Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras, Part 2, The Science of Electromagnetism, where it is all footnoted, with references.)

Generally speaking, anatomical and food frequencies indicate that the higher frequencies, in a given range, are the healthiest or most desirable frequencies. For example, you can measure a person’s frequency by combining the measurements at all of their internal orgams. People who are extremely ill or nearly dead vibrate at about 20 MHz. Those who have cancer are about 42. Epstein Barr is 52. Candida is 55. When you have a cold or flu, you’re at about 58. When you’re healthy, you resonate between 62 and 68 MHz. Junk food has been measured at 0-10 MHz. Whole foods are 10-15 MHz. Dried herbs are 10-22. The average living plant is 20-22, and a pollinated fruit can be as high as 80 MHz.

Human beings hear sounds between 16 and 25,000 Hertz. The human ear is most sensitive to sounds from 500 to 4000 Hz, which is also the range of normal speech. Sounds from 2-4 KHz are optimum for charging the brain and body, according to Dr. Alfred Tomatis, and Gregorian chants are entirely in this range.

The bands of human brain waves that define states of consciousness begin at 0.5 and go to 30 Hz and beyond. In this case, the lower numbers are the ones we think of as most desirable, from the standpoint of deepest meditation (delta). But theta (5-8 Hz) is pretty cool, too, for astral travel and shamanic activity. In fact, what’s desirable depends on what you’re trying to accomplish (which is kind of your point!). If you want to crank up your intellect, then you want to be in the 15-40 Hz beta range. If you want to access your intuition, go for alpha at 9-14 Hz.

So let’s look at the essential oils. It’s impressive to say that rose oil has one of the highest vibrations of any substance in our world, at a whopping 320 MHz. That’s 320,000 Hz. Pollinated fruit is 80,000 Hz. In fact, basil oil is the lowest at 52 MHz, and that’s still much higher than whole foods at 10-15 MHz. But then, essential oils are highly concentrated, so it’s not surprising. Then again, it’s that high concentration that makes them so extremely effective as healing agents. Right?

Sort of. I think it’s a little more complicated. For example, what do you want to use those oils for? If it’s for grounding, for the lower chakras, or for killing off certain organisms, then you want a relatively low frequency, like basil oil. On the other hand, if it’s for uplifting, and opening the heart (which some might judge to be the highest human aspiration), then you would choose the very highest frequency: rose oil. But the fact that all the oils vibrate at such relatively high frequencies seems to indicate that they are very powerful.

In relation to crystals, we usually find that the largest specimens (of any given category) are the most powerful, the most effective. But an exception to this can occur when a stone has a distinct pattern or geometric shape.

In summation, I would say that the strongest vibration is one factor in determining effectiveness of a given remedy—but definitely not the only factor. As for homeopathic remedies, I don’t feel qualified to comment on that. Anyone else? I hope other people will respond to this fascinating topic.


March 17, 2011


by Jonathan Mather, ND

As the nightmare of failing Japanese nuclear facilities continues to unfold, a different kind of fallout is happening across the world. Very disturbing information is surfacing that for over 35 years there have been critical questions regarding the inherent design flaws in the Mark 1 nuclear reactor. Five of the six reactors at the Fukushima plant, which has experienced a series of devastating explosions and fires since Friday's quake, are, in fact, Mark 1's.

The severity of concern reached a point where three G.E. scientists involved in the review process, actually resigned in protest over the design flaws.

Further information regarding the Japanese nuclear industry's repeated involvement in cover-ups and falsification of records, included a nationwide shutdown of 17 plants, after it came to light that Tokyo Electric Power Company had hidden accidents and falsified records. Tokyo Electric is the company that built and operates the failing Fukushima plant.

While countries around the world are taking serious stock of their own nuclear programs—Germany has just stepped away from a major re-commitment to nuclear power—President Obama remains unwilling to reconsider any part of his strong support of new U.S. nuclear plants. When the American people discover the fact that we are contracted to have these plants built by the same company that is in the process of a nuclear meltdown, Tokyo Electric, President Obama may well face an overwhelming mandate to step away from the potentially catastrophic outcomes of nuclear power.

Radiation Protection Remedies

compiled by Joy Gardner

How can we protect ourselves (and our children, animals and plants) from exposure to radiation? There are rumors about various remedies, but there is precious little accurate information about the dosages. So I’ve put together some Guidelines about what you might take, and why and how much, including references for my sources.

If your area is threatened by radiation, stay indoors until it passes. Close your doors and windows. Keep children and pets indoors. Cover your garden. I would also protect the garden from rainfall, until the danger has passed.

Beginning 24 hours before it is due to arrive, start taking at least one of the following remedies. After it has passed, do not eat from your garden or from local farmers if the land has been exposed to radiation. Do not drink cow’s milk from the area. Do not eat fish from the area—especially large fish.

Potassium iodide is medicinally supplied by many governments in 130 mg tablets for emergency purposes, to prevent thyroid cancer in people who are exposed to radiation. It prevents the thyroid glands from absorbing radioactive iodine by saturating the thyroid with stable iodine.

Adults take 1 tablet per day, at about the same time of day, for 2 weeks, ideally beginning just before exposure. Babies under 1 year can take ½ tablet, though ¼ tablet is enough up to 2 years old. The tablets are scored for easy dividing. The tablet can be crushed and mixed with food. Animals of similar sizes can also be given Potassium Iodide, with similar doses. Potassium iodide may also be administered as a "saturated solution of potassium iodide" (SSKI). Two (2) drops of U.S.P. SSKI solution is equivalent to one 130 mg KI tablet (100 mg iodide).

Potassium Iodide is considered safe IF taken in the prescribed dosages. Jonathan Mather, ND, advises extreme caution with this remedy. Potassium Iodide can destroy your thyroid, if you exceed the dosage by taking it for much more than 24 hours prior to exposure, or for more than two weeks after exposure.

Seaweed (and particularly Kombu) contains U-fucoidan, a complex polysaccharide that destroys cancer cells in a petri dish within 72 hours. The mechanism that causes their demise is “apoptosis,” in which digestive enzymes in the cancer cells break down and digest their own DNA. For these enzymes to be active, the seaweed must be eaten raw or dried without heating. This is the traditional way to eat kombu in Okinawa, Japan (it is more common in cooked dishes in other parts of the country), and Okinawa has the lowest cancer mortality rate in Japan.

( / Reference: Takara Shuzo Co., Ltd. Biomedical Group, Otsu, Shiga, Japan)

Brown seaweed (Kelp and Alaria) have been proven (as published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal) to reduce the amount of strontium 90 that can be absorbed through the intestinal wall. This occurs when strong bonds are formed with both free and embedded radioactive nuclides and heavy metals in the human G-I tract, so that toxins can pass safely out of the body.

Kelp can also bind radioactive strontium 90, even when it has already been stored in the bones where it has a half-life of 29 years, leading to leukemia and bone cancer. It is re-secreted and bound by the alginic acid, forming strontium alginate, which can be safely excreted in the stool. Steven Schachter, ND, writes that when plenty of natural iodine is available, radioactive iodine will not be absorbed. He says that kelp has the highest amount of iodine of any seaweed. Even if you have already been exposed to radioactive iodine, taking natural iodine will help offset the side effects of exposure.

According to Dr. Russell Morgan, one mg. of iodine for children and five mg. for adults taken daily will reduce by about 80 percent the radioactive iodine accumulated in the thyroid. Also, avoid drinking chlorinated water, because it leaches Iodine from the thyroid gland.

Sea vegetables such as Arame, Wakame, Kelp, Kombu and Hijiki contain sodium alginate, which reduces the amount of strontium-90 that is absorbed by bone tissue by 50-83%. In two experiments using rats, sodium alginate decreased by a factor of 12, the uptake of several radioactive isotopes—including strontium 90, strontium 85, barium, radium, and calcium. Brown sea vegetables such as kelp are the most effective sources. Red sea vegetables, such as dulse are most effective at binding plutonium, and green algae binds cesium most effectively.

One source of clean seaweed in bulk, at a reasonable price, is Larch Hanson at (207) 546-2875.

Dose: The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) recommends for maximum protection against radioactive poisoning for humans, taking a minimum of 2 to 3 ounces of sea vegetables a week. That is a lot of seaweed! Note: A whole package of Emerald Cove Pacific Wakame weighs 1.76 oz. A package of Maine Coast Dulse weighs 2 oz.

According to Jonathan Mather, ND, the iodine from sea vegetables will be stored in your thyroid, so you can begin eating them at any time. If they are a regular part of your diet, you may not need to consume such a large amount in one week.

Alternately, the AEC recommends 10 grams (two tablespoons) per day of sodium alginate supplements (Solaray has a product called Detox Blend). If there is a problem with constipation, the sodium alginate can be made into a fruit gelatin. Agar is a natural form of gelatin, and it is made from sodium alginate in kelp.

Miso. According to Tan Koon Peng from Singapore, miso (a fermented paste made from soy beans, used as a base for Japanese soups and sauces) is effective for detoxing your body of radiation. During World War II, two hospitals that were located side-by-side were hit with atomic radiation. At one hospital, the people consumed miso and all of them survived while in the other hospital, many of the people that did not take miso died. For best results do not cook miso.

Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and miso help to counteract toxins by virtue of their beneficial effect on the intestines. Primary-grown Nutritional Yeast bonds with and absorbs heavy metals such as uranium, lead and mercury. It contains the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, both of which have radio protective qualities. It helps rebuild and regenerate cells that have been damaged by radiation.

Olive Oil: Mice will survive normally lethal doses of x-rays if they are given common edible unprocessed vegetable oils—especially olive or peanut oils. In one study, olive oil fully protected rats against progressive doses of x-rays when it comprised about 15 percent of the total calories of the diet.

Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids: According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, “Our experiment showed that vitamin C can prevent damage from radiation….it somehow keeps the radiation from killing the cells.” They recommend about 10 grams per day. This should be taken throughout the day in about 10 doses of 1000 mg. each, since Vitamin C is water soluble and will be lost through urination. It's best to build up to such a high dose gradually, beginning with 5000 mg. per day, and increasing by 1000 per day. It's also important to decrease gradually, because you need to re-educate your kidneys to stop eliminating large doses of the vitamin.

Aloe: Of the more than 200 species of Aloe, these species have shown evidence of being radio-protectants: aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), aloe arborescens, aloe striatula, and aloe saponaria. The gel is used to treat radiation burns of second and third degrees. Aloe accelerates the process of tissue repair and normal cell growth and gives significant relief from pain. It is best to use the gel directly from the juicy leaves of the plant. Slice off a couple inches or more from a fully mature outer leaf, remove the outer peel, and apply the gel directly to the burn.

(Steven Schechter, ND, Fighting Radiation with Foods, Herbs and Vitamins, 1988. – cited at and

Joy Gardner is the author of several herbal books, including The New Healing Yourself (currently out-of-print) If you have other information, or comments, please share it here. Please send this to everyone you know.


April Fool's Day 2011

Okay, so today I made a commitment to fast (partially) for 3 days, as part of a protest against taking government support away from the poor. It's nearly midnight on Friday and I haven't even started fasting yet! I'm just thinking about it. Not having breakfast for three days. Nothing to it! I fast frequently.

But this is different because normally I decide when I'm going to begin and end a fast. I don't fast if I don't feel like fasting. Well, I don't feel like fasting right now. In fact, I'm already feeling hungry. When does tomorrow morning start? In a few minutes? Does that mean I should run into the kitchen and stuff myself now? Or does it mean that I should just let myself feel those pangs of hunger?

To be honest, it seems like a good idea to fast for the poor, but I can't figure out how it's going to do anybody any good! And yet . . .

I know that lots of people are going hungry, even in this country, right now. In fact, I know that lots of people are dying of hunger on this planet, right now. I can say that I care about that. But to be honest, I don't let myself feel about it, when there is food in my belly. I just feel fortunate. I feel blessed. But I don't want to think about all those hungry kids. I don't want to remember those horrible statistics. . . .

I just watched an amazing video on YouTube, A Message of Hope. One of the things it talks about is that the human heart gives off a very powerful magnetic frequency "Every thought in the human mind sends out an electromagnetic wave from the base of the heart that has a measurable effect upon the world in which we live." It says that the brain has an electrical field and a magnetic field, but they're relatively weak, compared to the heart. The heart is about 100 times stronger electrically, and up to 5000 times stronger magnetically.

Physics tells us that if we can change the electrical or the magnetic field of an atom, we change the stuff that that atom is made of. The heart is designed to change both the electrical and the magnetic fields of our bodies and our world—and they do so in response to the emotions that we create.

SO it begins to make sense to me that if I (and thousands of other people in this country) take a day or a week to deprive our bodies of comforting food, for the sake of those who are being deprived of comforting food, this begins to touch our hearts in a way that just thinking about it simply doesn't do. And once our hearts are truly engaged, they begin to send out a strong magnetic frequency that will eventually be heard, and will have the power to make deep changes.

There's another reason why I'm fasting. The basis of this fast is that the budget cuts that are being debated now in Washington are not just fiscal -- they're immoral. One of the faith leaders who proposed this fast is Jim Wallis. I first learned about him during one of Krista Tippet's interviews on her wonderful radio program, Speaking of Faith. He's a Progressive Evangelical Activist.

He explained that the old-time revivalists were progressive rabble-rousers – they were advocates of women’s rights and freeing the slaves and economic justice. The black churches were the foundation for the Civil rights Movement. Rev. Martin Luther-King came out of that tradition. It wasn’t until the early 20th century when some political operatives on the right had a meeting with some of the television evangelists like Oral Roberts and they struck up a deal.They grabbed issues that were important to Christians, like the sanctity of life, or the health of marriage. But they turned it into a narrow agenda about abortion and gay marriage.

Wallace said, “If our gospel is not good news to the poor, it is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. Conservative Evangelicals in America have created a Jesus who is pro-rich, pro-war, and only pro-American. This is a distortion, a misrepresentation of the Jesus of the Bible.” He paraphrased Jesus, saying, "How you treat those who are left out and left behind is how I’m going to regard your treating me."

Wallace attracts large crowds of young Evangelicals. He says this new generation cares more about the 30,000 children who died today globally (there's that statistic I didn't want to remember) because of totally unnecessary poverty than they do about gay marriage. Wallace is determined to put poverty at the top of the Christian moral agenda.

That works for me. If there's any chance that I can help, even just a little bit, by going without breakfast for a few days, I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

June 14, 2011

Crystals for Pain

In my Crystals and Aromatherapy for Balancing the Chakras videos, I recommend two stones that are effective for pulling pain out of the body: Malachite and Fuchsite. You can use either one, or both together. Malachite is a rich green stone, that often has bulls-eye patterns, or bubbly circles etched in black on the surface of the stone. Fuchsite is a soft, pale green, sparkly stone. By the way, I recently completed the Second Edition of my Color-Coded Chakra Guide to Crystals and Aromatherapy, which is now available at my Store at for $5.00 as an eBook and $8.95 for hard copy book (spiral-bound and printed in colors that correspond to the chakras).

I just received this note from one of my students in Ontario, Cindy LeBarron: "Yesterday, I put Malachite and Fuchsite one my sister's broken toe. She also suffers from pain of an old break to the leg. While she sat there, the stones pulled pain out of the shin, and out thru the baby toe. The side of her foot burnt, and there was a lot of pain leaving the baby toe. Then it switched to the big toe and the pain was removed from there also. After about an hour, all the symptoms stopped, and the area became cool. Later the area of removal became itchy. Today, the old pain was in her leg was minimal, and the pain level in her toe was down at least half. She said she had a slight itchiness, like when a sore is healing. Isn't this something? I think this is making a skeptic into a believer! This is so much fun.. " 

Nov. 20, 2012

The Divine Feminine

I first encountered the concept of a spiritual feminine essence when I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda and he referred to "Ma" with great reverence and love. He also spoke about the Father but he spoke so lovingly about Ma that I had a sense, through him, of the Divine Feminine essence that felt very familiar.

Then I attended the Native American Church in New Mexico, where people have a very personal relationship with "Father-Mother-God." When they pray, they invoke Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother. This became a common practice for me. Typically we think of the male aspect of deity as residing in the heavens and the female aspect as residing in the earth--along with all things practical and mundane.

So the Divine Feminine takes that to a different level. The term shows up in a Tantric context, where it is understood that there is a Goddess within each woman, and there is a God within each man. When a man selflessly pleasures a woman, taking joy in her pleasure, this awakens the Goddess within her. Then she becomes intensely loving toward him, which can be a delicious prelude into endless hours of languid love-making.

So Tantric devotees (both male and female) worship the Divine Goddess, seeing her as the bestower of the sweetest gift, since the merging of yoni and lingam and the rising of the kundalini lead its devotees most naturally into Spiritual Bliss.


December 4, 2012

Good Moods and Grumpy Moods

I am almost always in a good mood, regardless of the circumstances. But every now and then I find myself in a nasty mood. It is becoming so foreign that it quite shocks me. So I have begun to study myself and ask myself what causes this nasty mood?

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that life is and should be effortless and joyful. I don’t mean that everyone should lie around and eat mangoes all the time. But I do mean that there is an ideal balance to life, and when you are spending much of your life being of service, then you have every right to expect that your basic needs will be met effortlessly and joyfully.

Yet every now and then I manage to persuade myself that I really must do something that I do not want to do. That’s when I get irritable and grumpy. And then it turns out that it wouldn’t have made any difference if I hadn’t done that thing. In fact, it sometimes turns out that it would have been better if I hadn’t done that thing. Then I feel so silly! It seems that I have to keep learning these lessons over and over again.

Have you had similar experiences?

December 7, 2011

I can actually watch the sunrise from my bed, here on the Big Island of Hawaii. What a blessing! Some days I bundle up and step out on my lanai, becoming more present to the miracle of a newly dawning day. If I had the ability to hire a crew to create a phenomenon above my home, I could not produce such an incredible, fantastic, light show.

On the days when I step outdoors and show up as a more active witness, those sunrises seem especially stunning. It feels as if we are co-creating, as if Nature feels my presence and is inspired by my deep love and appreciation and joy at her constantly changing, exquisite, formidable, magnificent hues and patterns. In physics, we know that the observer alters that which is observed.

Just as I'm feeling so in love with Nature, a flock of birds swoop a few feet above my head, in an audible whoosh that takes my breath away, as though they were saying "hello" on behalf of Nature, affirming that we are here together, in this conscious and exquisite moment. I believe we co-create with Nature when we fully embrace being both a part of Nature and in partnership with her. Like any woman, I believe that when we exude our love, excitement, joy and deep appreciation for her beauty, our enthusiasm becomes an inspiration for her to create ever more magnificence.

December 7, 2012 (later)


Many years ago, I started to channel two ETs, but I felt so uncomfortable about it that that I rarely mentioned it, and I wasn’t sure I believed it myself. Recently, people have begun to speak of this 2012 transition as a time when the ETs would make themselves known. So it just occurred to me today and it was time to reestablish my connection with my two friends.

Their names are Ah-Sn-De and Li-ing. At first A-Sn-De said that “his” name was Adam. But over time, he revealed that his name was actually a bit more complex. Both beings are both sexes, but Ah-Sn-De is more male, and Li-ing is more female. Or maybe they are the male and female sides of one being.

Eventually I would like to share the recordings of these channelings on a separate page on Facebook, but I’m not sure how to do that yet. Then you can hear how to sound their names. They told me that the best way to call to them, when I want to speak with them, is to sound their names. That may work for you, too, if you wish to reach out to them. So here is today’s message:

JOY: Ah-Sn-De and Li-Ing, do you have insights to share at this time?

A&L: Yes, thank goodness you finally asked! There is so much work to be done, to prepare for our arrival! But you can do it so easily. You just need to stay in touch with us, on a daily basis, and we can share with you insights to share with others, and the more people that are reached in this way, the easier our ascent will be. For we are ascending into your world, just as you are ascending, in your consciousness, to be able to receive our consciousness into your world. It is the merging of the two realities that will take all of us to a new level.

We feel very joyful that the time is finally at hand. And we want to come to you in joy but in order to do this all fear must be dissolved. And that's how you can help. First by acknowledging your communication with us by going public with it-- this is far more important than you currently recognize. When anyone of your stature, who is recognized by many as a source of wisdom, is willing to tell the truth, then by its very nature, the truth (which is simply that which is accepted by a mass of people) changes. So the truth that you're willing to tell is a truth that IS accepted by a mass of people on this side, where we are, as well as, in hiding, where you are.

There are so many people on your side that accept this truth, but because it is socially unpopular, they do not openly acknowledge it. This serves the powers that be, who are threatened by our presence, primarily for financial reasons. But it is time to become ethical and to allow ethics to predominate in your culture, where formerly there was a pretense of ethics. When true ethics are put into play, then there is no need for fear.

Then you can open like a flower, according to your own nature, and we, too, can open like flowers, according to our nature, and our many life forms can coexist, side-by-side, enriching one another in a multitude of ways. Thank you for opening to us, and please come again, every day.


This Guidance came through for me today, but you might enjoy it, too:

Even though you are experiencing what you perceive as great challenges right now, we want you to know that everything is perfect. You came into this life because earth life gives you great opportunities for soul growth. We co-created every challenge that you are experiencing with great purpose and intention. It is exactly perfect.

Your biggest challenge is to change your thinking and to give up the idea that life is meant to be easy and comfortable. This is an illusion that does not serve you.

Life is meant to be exactly what it is. Embrace what is and through yielding to what is, there you will find comfort and ease.



Making the Best of a Crisis

There's an excellent dialogue between Jim True and Barbara Hand Clow at They talk about how even so-called negative things are having positive results. Crises like losing a house or floods and hurricanes are actually giving people an opportunity to get unstuck.

Barbara talks about the astrological influences. She says that Pluto rules the deepest level of change. It rules going into the underworld and transforming it at the root of things. Pluto is in Capricorn and Capricorn rules formation and structural change. So we’re going through big upheavals. Uranus is the planet of transformation. It's in Aries, which only happens once 83 years. Last time was during 1929-1935, the years of the great depression. Uranus gives us the impulses to just change. Stop thinking about it and do it. So individuals are going through revolutionary processes of change and then the individuals affect the greater structures.

So the most crucial thing is to allow yourself to act. Do it! Jim True emphasizes the importance of staying in present time. That's the difference between working in the third and fourth dimension, which are completely linear, where you’re always obsessing about the past and the future. So just letting go of all that and staying in the present puts you in the fifth dimension. Just do it! Don't worry about it, don't stress about it. Just move forward until you have an impulse to do the next thing. Stay in the present time. Make the shift from "What should I do?" to "What do I want to do?" Move into the fifth dimension and toward ascension.

Barbara talks about how groups can help each other because if you have a group of five people and a few of them are really going for it then it inspires the others and brings them along. This evolution is a great thing, but it can also create a sense of chaos, because everything is changing. Jim True talks about how, when you come out of a controlled third or fourth dimension environment, you suddenly start to feel that sense of freedom, and it's not unusual to feel fearful at first. But gradually things that felt threatening begin to feel more comfortable.



Joy's Look into the Future

A Golden Age

• Unimaginable riches; plenty for all.
• People being fully in command of their faculties; being able to enter into what we call an altered state, at will.
• Becoming adept at manifestation.
• Living in harmony.
• There is still duality and there is still the dance, but the evil edge has been removed—the highly selfish, highly competitive, uncaring, inhuman edge has gone away.
• Resources are shared and they are abundant.
• Non-renewable resources are left alone.
• People know how to celebrate, how to be grateful, how to totally enjoy the abundance of nature.
• New species are multiplying with unbelievable rapidity.
• There is lots of spontaneous singing, music-making, art, new ways of creating with light and sound.
• People don’t work any more than four hours a day, and they always work at something they love. There is endless work to do. It’s very cooperative, and there’s no need for slave labor because the technology is so advanced.
• There’s great joy.
• There are less children, and they are being raised by people who adore them, so they’re growing up to be very happy and healthy and well-adjusted, with a great desire to contribute.
• People are coming from their hearts instead of their heads.
• There’s a lot of telepathic communication, especially among communal groups. People are living in loose-knit communal groups; knowing their neighbors, caring about their neighbors, working together.
• Excited—very excited, about the potential for group creativity; creating group mind; doing good work.

July 9, 2013


How do you react when you hear that word? What about DEPOSSESSION? About thirty years ago I had a client, Jennifer, who told me that she was getting ready to move out of a house that she really liked because there was some awful energy in part of the house. I offered to come there to check it out.

I was completely inexperienced at the time. So I spoke to some Native American friends and they told me that ghosts tend to come out after dark. So I told her I’d come after dark. They told me to use sage to protect myself and to move the energy out of the house. The truth is that I was kind of scared. I prayed to all my guides and masters to protect me. I wore all my amethyst jewelry. I took three white candles. I took my smoky quartz and amethyst crystals. I was well-armed.

Once I got to her house, I realized that I wanted to be alone with whatever it was, so I asked Jennifer to leave for half an hour. I was surprised that I didn’t feel scared; just curious. After she left, I just sat in the room where she was having discomfort and I meditated for awhile and opened myself to the energy.

It didn’t take long before I could feel a presence. I was pleased and curious. It felt like an older woman. I spoke to her out loud: “You don’t like this woman, do you?”


“Why not?” “She’s in my house! My husband and I built this house. Oh, later they added on to it, but this part is mine. She’s in my bedroom! She has no right to be here.”

“What happened to your husband?” I asked.

“Oh, he passed on long ago.”

“Aren’t you lonely for him?” I asked. I felt guided. I knew just what to say.

She started to cry. “He’s waiting for you,” I told her. “I can feel him on the other side.”

It wasn’t hard to persuade her to go into the Light, because I knew he was waiting for her. After that I saged the whole house, wafting the smoke from the clump of burning herbs into every corner, going counter-clockwise in every room, in every closet and cupboard. She got home just as I was finishing. “Wow, it feels so different in here!”

She didn’t have to leave her house. I felt pleased that I was able to help her and I was especially happy that I was able to help that old lady go into the Light. It was all very gentle. I’d say that 95% of the entities I’ve dealt with (and I've probably dealt with about 1000) were just lost souls. It’s a shame that the media creates so much fear around this topic. It’s true that there are some nasty entities out there, and I wouldn’t advise an inexperienced person to mess around with them. But mostly, they are just ordinary folks like you and me who have lost their way. Please feel free to use this format to tell your own stories and to ask questions.

By the way, I include Releasing Earthbound Spirits in the Vibrational Healing Program because whenever you go deeply into the spirit realm, you run the risk of stirring up entities, and it is best if you can be comfortable dealing with them instead of reacting with fear.  


A friend is hoping to move to a new rental house this month, but Mercury is Retrograde until the 20th, which means that astrologically, communications are challenging and it's not a good time to sign a contract. I tuned in on this for her and I received this Guidance: Use the protective Violet Light of Saint Germaine and put the light around yourself and around your new landlord (or lady) and around the contract itself before signing it. This will mitigate any negative effects due to the position of Mercury at this time. 


Most of us cannot see them, but if we could, we would see riots of colored energy pulsating in perfect rhythm to our emotions, our perceptions, our inspirations—flowing in or out, and so clearly recording just what we are actually taking in or giving out on the psychic and emotional level. It would change our lives if these colors and energy flows were visible to us because we would automatically slip out of the currently dominant left brain rational thought and into a right brain intuitive world.

October 28, 2014


SLEEPING UNDER THE STARS – Did you ever sleep outside, directly under the stars? In your garden? Anastacia suggested doing this, in Vladimir Megre’s first book called Anastacia. She said it was important to do at least once a year.

Last night was warm and the cloudless, moonless sky was radiant with a multitude of stars. “This is the night!” I thought, amazed that I would consider doing so without significant preparation. After watching the movie, Grounded I felt inspired. I wanted to be directly on the ground, without anything synthetic between me and the earth, or between me and the heavens. I’m so lucky to live in Hawaii, but even here on the Big Island, the nights are usually chilly at this altitude. It wasn’t very damp outside, so I just rolled up a small Oriental rug to put under me, and grabbed my cotton quilt and a pillow and a flashlight, and feeling intuitively to go barefoot, I went clumsily down the hill to the narrow strip of grass behind the house that afforded an excellent view of the night sky.

As I walked, I reached out to caress each of my plants, feeling so grateful to them for feeding me and creating so much beauty around me. Once I reached the lower strip, I couldn’t believe how deliciously caressing the plush and lusciously soft carpet of longish grass felt under my feet. Anastacia says that the plants absorb the energy of the person when we touch them directly and they exchange this information with the planets. When we sleep under the stars alone, especially in our own garden, allowing our eyes to scan the sky before we close them, we exchange information directly with the Intelligence of the Universe.

She says to do this with your children, especially before the age of nine, while the fontanelle is still soft, and they will absorb everything they could possibly need to know, directly from the planets, just like the fetus in the womb absorbs information directly from its mother’s body. Refrain from trying to educate your children about the names of the planets or anything intellectual about the stars, though you might ask questions such as, “Which one do you like best?”

Lying under my quilt, looking up at the multitude of stars, feeling an incredible connection between the heavens above and the earth below, tears came to my eyes; I felt so overwhelmingly happy! I felt totally connected. A couple mosquitoes began to buzz around my ears, and I realized that I forgot to bring the mosquito repellant. But I have a good relationship with most mosquitoes (though not yet with the ones at my new house). Normally I will allow one mosquito per day to take as much blood as it wants, and then it will fly away without leaving a welt or an itch, and the others will not bother me for the rest of that day.

But these new mosquitoes were tiny and persistent and they did not seem to know about the agreement that I made long ago with the Deva of the Mosquitoes. Anastacia says to allow insects to bite you, because they are cleaning out your pores and this can be beneficial to your body. Actually, I was excited about the mosquitoes, because they felt like intermediaries between the heavesn and earth and my body. So I mentally invited them to land on me. And they did. Several of them. All around my left eye (where my tears had been).

Then I closed my eyes and felt them fluttering around on my eyelid—and it was not unpleasant. There was no more buzzing. There was no biting or stinging. They just fluttered around my eyelid for several minutes. I had to inhale deeply to keep from brushing them away, but it was oddly enjoyable and almost ticklish.

Finally I opened my eyes, and they flew away and did not return. I did not sleep because I was having such a good time. Eventually the waxing crescent moon came up over the trees and I was amazed at how extremely bright it was. It felt like it was time to go inside and go to sleep. As I walked back up the hill, through the grass, I felt so much more connected, more sure-footed, as if all of Nature was taking care of me and guiding me, and I felt safe, as if I belonged, feeling that I was part of Nature instead of being walled off in my house, looking out at something that was beautiful but separate from me. In the morning, I went on my lanai just as the sun was rising over the ocean, as I always do, to Greet the Light. Everything looked so gorgeous, as the sunlight bounced off of the dewy banana leaves. I felt the Guidance to lie down on my back, directly on the slats. As I did, I saw that the crescent moon was now precisely above me, high up in the blue sky.  


I asked Spirit, “Why do I still have resistance about following Guidance? Why can’t I just let go and follow it? What prevents me from doing that?” (I almost always do follow my Guidance, but not before my rational mind hums-and-haws over it for at least a few minutes.) Here’s the answer I received: “Your mind and your ego believe they are who you are. It feels like the Guidance comes from outside of you, so if you completely surrender to Guidance, it feels like you lose yourself.” Well, that makes sense! I’ve been reading the book, Jesus and Mary, by ADK Luk. Luk talks about how Jesus was able to allow the Christ Consciousness to flow through him without resistance. This is what enabled miracles to happen through him. He allowed himself to be a channel for Spirit to express directly, unobstructed.

So where does Guidance come from? Is it an aspect of myself? Am I co-creating it? It refers to itself as “we.” Is it a combination of my own higher self and my guides and Spirit itself? When I ask my own Guidance what it is, it answers with a question: “What do you want it to be?”

Well . . . right now, if I’m going to fully surrender to it . . . I want to believe that it is partly my own higher self. There is definitely a sense that it comes from a place of wisdom that is far greater than I am. But who is “we” and who is “I?” One way I explain the Guidance to myself is that if you have an eagle standing by the side of a river, and it’s observing the river from the perspective of the ground, or even up in a tree, it has a limited perspective. But if it flies up in the sky and looks at the same stream, it can see a great distance in both directions.

It feels like Guidance comes from a much broader perspective; it can see into the past and into the future. There’s much more clarity and vision. So it’s not that it’s not a part of me or it’s not connected to me; it’s connected to a part of me that has a much larger vision and perspective. That part of me gives me access to something that’s beyond my ego self and my rational self. Here’s a quote from my own book, VIBRATIONAL HEALING THROUGH THE CHAKRAS: “The earth’s atmosphere, between its crust and the ionosphere, has a basic frequency of 7.83 Hertz. . . . W. O. Schumann, a German physicist, predicted and then detected these waves during the mid-1950s. He said this resonance was between 7 and 8 cycles per second. Bob Beck found it to be 7.8 Hz . . . . “Valerie Hunt speculates that when mystics attune to the 7.8 Hz frequency, they gain access to all the memories of the earth and the creatures that inhabit it, including possible information from the past and future. Mystics speak about the Akashic Records, a psychic library where all events that have occurred on the planet are stored. If such a channel exists, it would help explain why certain psychics can accurately channel information from the past and the future.” What are your thoughts about this? When I first started receiving Guidance, about 40 years ago, nobody else was doing it (except a couple ladies at Findhorn in England). Now it seems like half the world is doing it. The change is amazing! 

I was guided to look on the Internet for something by Dr. Hew Lin. He’s the man who popularized Self-Identity Ho’oponpono, along with Joe Vitale, in their book, Zero Limits. What a find! Finally I was able to understand how it all works! Diagram 1 is very helpful. You can find it here:

Bear in mind that Western psychologists only recently began to distinquish between the intellect and the subconscious. The ancient Hawaiians have been doing that for over a thousand years. But their understanding goes far deeper; they delineate four levels of awareness:

1 - Divine Intelligence
2 - the superconscious (aumakua)
3 - the conscious (uhane)
4 - the subconscious (unihipili)

In Western culture, we favor the rational conscious mind—usually to the exclusion of the superconscious and Divine Intelligence. There’s a kind of brain-washing in that. Since there is no third or fourth category, there is a belief that inspiration and creativity come from the conscious mind—in spite of the fact that there are endless stories about how scientists like Einstein received their breakthrough inspirations when they were walking out in nature, or just as they awoke from a dream.

When we acknowledge that there is a superconscious, which has access to the Akashik Records, and to the wisdom of the departed ancestors, and can connect with the nature spirits and the angels and the archangels, and has a direct hook-up with Divine Intelligence, then it all begins to make sense! This is the part of “me” that continues to exist after my death; the part that continues with me through all my lifetimes; the part that is connected in some mysterious way to my blood lineage (the ancestors). This is the eternal part of me; it is the source of my greatest inspiration and creativity. But I can only access that inspiration and creativity when I can quiet the conscious and the subconscious. That is the value of meditation. That is the value of learning how to reprogram old dysfunctional core beliefs that are stored in the subconscious and that feed into the conscious mind and keep it spinning in endless circles.  

I see now that the ultimate goal is to be able to eliminate all resistance from the Conscious and the Subconscious minds; to go into the Silence or the Void, and to allow the Superconscious to commune with Divine Intelligence, so that we can receive pure Guidance and implement it. Then we can work miracles. Now that I’m completely removing my fear of aligning with my Inner Voice . . . Now that I’m increasing my connectedness by sleeping under the stars and taking time to walk barefoot every day (or just being outside and communing with Nature) . . . It begins to truly feel as if All Things Are Possible.

But I still have to struggle with my ego (an aspect of the conscious mind). This is a real thing. Let’s remain mindful of the Core Beliefs and fears that arise at this time, and help one another through a constant process of Cleansing. Those of us who are part of the MRA Mystery School are learning the tools of Self-Identity Ho’oponopono and Core Belief Reprogramming (to remove the old Dysfunctional Core Beliefs) and Creating a Hypnotic Tape (to replace the old programs). We need one another. We need good friends who are not afraid to tell us if we are getting big-headed or behaving in inappropriate ways. The MRA Mystery School is one way that we can provide the tools and the support for one another. I am understanding now why the Mystery School cannot remain open for much longer. I will need to close it soon, because there is a natural progression, and the things we are learning now are stepping stones for the things that come after. It is a very exciting process.

-- I AM HAPPY TO REPORT THAT I NO LONGER HAVE RESISTANCE TO FOLLOWING GUIDANCE. Apparently my rational mind was completely satisfied with the logical reasoning (above) that helped me to grok that the Guidance is actually coming from the part of myself that is hooked up with Divine Intelligence, and therefore it is not something foreign that is threatening to my ego.

So now, when I hear the inner voice say, "Turn right at the next corner," my conscious mind just speaks back to the voice and says, "Are you sure that's a good idea?" Then the voice says, "Yes," and there's no further resistance. I turn right, for no good reason, and within a couple of blocks there is an absolutely gorgeous view of the sunset that I would have missed if my conscious mind had put up resistance. THIS DIALOGUE MEANS THAT THE TWO PARTS OF MYSELF (you could call them the right and left brains) ARE LITERALLY TALKING TO EACH OTHER. And thus, I have moved into a new era of self-cooperation, which can only lead (one hopes) to self-illumination, and which is therefore an important step toward Ascension! Ta-Da! And guess what? I have suddenly discovered that I can SING - I mean, like Sarah Vaughan - I'm no longer scared of standing out and being outrageous and being gorgeous. You should've seen me as a Gypsy on Halloween!


December 18, 2013

WINTER SOLSTICE – For me, this photo is the essence of Winter Solstice. The miracle of Stonehenge (where I have been, in England) is not just the moving of these monolithic stones, but the fact that this Great Trilithon (three stones arranged as two columns with a third on top) have been so precisely aligned to capture the setting sun on the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

In Machu Pichu (where I have also been, in Peru), there is another stone edifice that is also precisely aligned to capture this pivotal moment. There are similar stone edifices all over the world, and there are similar ceremonies that are marked with candles and festivals to celebrate the return of the Light.

The Solstices and Equinoxes are the turning points of the seasons. Somehow it seems odd that winter is just beginning when we emerge into the light. This year the official date and time in the Northern Hemisphere for the Winter Solstice, when the sun is at its southernmost point in the sky, is December 21 at 5:11 pm EST.

Our psyche responds to the Light. The pineal gland registers the length of the days. For many people, December is the most challenging month. The waning of sunlight, and the decrease in the length of the days, can bring about challenges in the lives of many (though Daylight Savings Time helps to offset this). We are far more tied to the motions of the sun and moon and planets than most people choose to believe.

This time of the year tends to become extremely busy. But if you can carve out one or two or three days to go within, to deliberately allow yourself time to go into the darkness, to allow yourself to grieve, to mourn, and to release the past, then you can more fully move into celebrating the Return of the Sun, the Return of the Light. No coincidence that the Christ Child was born on Christmas. Nor that many other Avatars (great spiritual teachers) were said to be born on December 25th. By then the sun has fully returned.

Those of us who have the privilege of watching the sunrise or sunset each day, will notice that instead of going farther and farther south day by day, the sun has changed directions and it appears to be moving north day by day. It is time to leave behind the darkness and go fully into new beginnings. We are reminded that we do not live in a flat universe; we are part of the great cycles of life and every ending is a new beginning.

By the way, in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the time of the Summer Solstice.

Have a great Solstice. Light a candle! Bring in the Light!

Much Love to You All.



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