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Welcome to my links and product recommendation page. Below you will find links to related web sites for products and businesses that I have personally experienced, and that I encourage you to support.

If you are interested in trading links, please email me. Sorry, I will not trade links concerning any products that I have not personally sampled.



The easiest way to share big files, videos, and audios with friends.

And it's free for a 2 GB account!
I use it all the time, when I do recordings for clients.
Check it out.



I order most of my herbs, including jiaogulan, from this company.

Just click on the picture above and it will take you to their website.

See Information for my herbal Energy, Memory & Longevity formula.


Health Products for a
Long & Vibrant Life

These folks are conscientious, informative and reliable.
You'll enjoy doing business with them.
Ask for Kalon, and tell them I sent you, and they'll give you a discount.

• Learn more about the Quantum Wave Laser that I currently use and highly recommend. (It's the purple device that the woman in the above picture is holding.)

• A great way for preventing and eliminating mold in homes.
Aranizer Air Purification, Sanitation and Sterilization Systems

• Advanced Water Purification and Ionization Systems

The Sierra Club


Arise 'N Shine

Cleansing and Weight Loss Program and
Memory Loss, Probiotic & Mineral Supplements

This is by far the best cleansing program that I have found, because it eliminates intestinal plaque. Aria Goebel is extremely conscientious and honest and she is a great support person to have during the cleanse, especially during the first time or two, because questions often do arise and it’s important to have someone who is very experienced to consult with. I’d also recommend reading the book that tells the whole story of how the cleanse originated.

AND if you’re having any problem with memory loss, Arise 'N Shine makes a great supplement with Ginkgo and Gota Kola called Brain Power. Also their probiotic, Flora Grow, is one of the best, and it is an important supplement for the cleanse. Extra minerals are extremely important during the cleanse. You can get thiin the form of the sodium broth (recipe in the book and booklet) or fresh vegetable juices, or you can order their liquid or dehydrated minerals.


Francene Hart is an internationally recognized visionary artist who utilizes Sacred Geometry, reverence for nature
& our interconnectedness to all that is ...



Essential Health

ANGELA ROSA is a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, Nutritionist,Medical Aromatherapist and Integrative Health Consultant, with over 37 years of experience. She is considered a Barefoot Doctor in the town of Hawi, where she lives on the Big Island.

She is a health educator and advocate and especially enjoys sharing information about the foods we eat and the household and personal care products we use. She takes complex information and distills it down to a common denominator so we can easily see how our choices impact our health.

Angela shares non-toxic, SIMPLE and natural techniques, information and skills. With these ESSENTIAL understandings one can create a healthy lifestyle and abundant health, something we all deserve.



The Hunger Site

The Rainforest Site

Personal Growth from SelfGrowth.com

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

Self-growth.com is the most complete guide to information about
Personal Growth on the internet.

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia


Want to go to the South of France?

If you are thinking about making a trip to the SOUTH OF FRANCE, I highly recommend Mayajoelle's guided Journey. She is a delightful person, a great guide, and French to the core!



Are you looking for a Medical Intuitive?

Julie North is a born psychic medium, clairaudient, & clairvoyant. With these gifts, Julie has been able to offer spiritual counseling and medical intuitive readings for people throughout the country who seek clarity on their life path. She translates information directly from your Guides to you, allowing you insights into positive solutions for blocked areas of your life. In-person readings are available in Columbus, Ohio or you may also schedule a phone session. All readings are recorded and placed on CD for you to keep.



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We are ALL Vibrations. There is a frequency to which all life is attuned.


THE place to learn about

Hawaii Workshops
Teleconference Workshops
Book, CDs, DVDs


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</tr></table><h4 align="center">&nbsp;</h4><h4 align="center"><span class="style106"><span class="style107">THE place to learn about <br />
CHAKRAS - TONING - AROMATHERAPY - CRYSTALS &bull; COLOR </span></span><br />Hawaii Workshops<br />
Teleconference Workshops<br />Book, CDs, DVDs <br /><br />www.highvibrations.net </h4></td></tr></table>


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