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Altadena (LA county)

Yan Ouadfel

Corona (southern CA)

Tami Duncan

Pacifica (south of SF)

Lissin LevChaim

San Geronimo (Marin County)

Terry Garthwaite



Big Island (North of Hilo)

Joy Gardner

Big Island (East of Hilo)

James Lowe





Blanche Blacke


Kate DeVore




Rolla (near St. Louis)

Luce Myers




Emerald Isle

Wendy Joy





Phoenixville (near Philadelphia)

Lynn Miller




East Tennessee (near Madisonville)

Lauren Smithandrews



International Practitioners




Louise Hatch


Burleigh Town

Joy Fisher, Trevor Foster


Andrea Putting


PERU - Lima- Dr. Stephanie Cabala Olazabal

Learn Emotional Healing, Holistic Healing, Crystal Healing, Color Healing, Spiritual Health, Regression Therapy, Sound Therapy and other New Age Alternative Medicine technologies with proven courses and training programs from an expert in Vibrational Healing and Vibrational Medicine.


Blanche Blacke

The Chakra Shoppe
Chicago, Ill.

Blanche Blacke is considered a modern shaman. Shamans are specialists in the human soul and mediators between the spirit world and human beings.

Blanche is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world by assisting individuals reach a greater potential for creativity, personal achievement, happiness and physical health. With the gift of high sensory perception and energy healing, she can reveal, explain and aid in healing the energetic component of emotional, physical and other issues through the chakra system. She has been facilitating individual sessions since 1994.

In addition to chakra analysis and energy healing sessions, she can also aid those who suffer from excessive grief, unresolved issues with those who have passed, past-life karma, exorcisms and other esoteric concerns.

Blanche has traveled extensively, facilitating individual sessions and group classes in the U.S. and in Britain. Blanche Blacke's School of Chakra Energy Consciousness is a comprehensive system of understanding the chakras and learning to shift one's own energy patterns.

Blanche has lectured and presented workshops at the Whole Life Expo, Body Mind Spirit Convention, Wellness Information Network, the Sound Healer’s Colloquium and various regional expos. A professional member of the International Society of the Study of Subtle Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), Noetic Sciences and the Sound Healers Association, she has many endorsements.

She began performing and spiritual practice at a young age. In 1993, a near-death experience initiated a connection to the spirit realm and her healing gifts. She then apprenticed with master shaman Joy Gardner Gordon for five years that led to co-developing workshops and assistant teaching intensives, in Hawaii, until early 1999.

September 1999 was a pivotal, when she founded both Blanche Blacke’s School of Chakra Energy Consciousness and the multi-media performance ensemble Shakura World Theatre.

After a private session with Blanche, many people have experienced:

  • Increased energy and efficiency

  • Spiritual and emotional insights

  • Enhanced positive outlook

  • Relief from physical pain

  • Insight into cause of ailments

  • Ability to fully grieve and let go

  • Positive career changes

  • Deeper understanding in relationships

  • Freedom from emotional pain from the past

Blanche is available by appointment. For more information:

Blanche Blacke
The Chakra Shoppe

5034 N. LIncoln Ave.
Chicago IL 60625
773 271-3054
email Blanche











Kate DeVore

Chicago, Ill

Kate DeVore is a Reiki Master Teacher who is certified in Vibrational Healing and Magnified Healing®. She also has an M. A. in Communication Disorders (AKA speech pathology), and has worked as a voice therapist through her business, Total Voice, Inc., as well as at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. In that arena, Kate gained significant experience counseling people with issues related to stress, anxiety, expression, and self worth. She has also worked at the Resurrection Center for Integrative Medicine in Chicago, offering Reiki and Mind-Body Medicine.  In her healing practice, she practices heart-centered, intuitive counseling to assist people in identifying the core underlying issues from which more apparent surface issues arise.  Using a variety of modalities, she helps people clear, balance, heal, express, discover, and rejoice.

Kate bridges the worlds of science and art in both her voice and healing work. She has a unique ability to integrate scientific principles and theories with artistic and holistic training modalities.  Kate is able to synthesize information and impart its essence clearly and simply.  Her style involves warmth and humor.


Kate is co-author of "The Voice Book: Caring For, Protecting, and Improving Your Voice" (Chicago Review Press, see for details), and The Laryngeal Teaching Series edutainment DVDs (  
These are both highly recommended by Joy. Kate is also co-creator of downloadable dialect training materials for actors (, and creator of downloadable self-study materials for clear speech

(773) 750-2030

email Kate









Joy Gardner
Big Island, Hawaii
(North of Hilo)

"Joy Gardner is a true Shamaness, a world expert in a rare mind-body technology that eradicates, transforms and integrates old memories, experiences, and habit patterns. She uses esoteric and leading-edge techniques to effectively and rapidly clear the individual through her own form of modern-day alchemy."
— Don Altfeld, MD, California

I call myself a Gardener of Joy. The goal of Gardening Joy is to create a joyful flow of energy throughout the heart, body, mind and spirit. This is done by rooting out anything that prevents you from being fully present and aligned with All That Is. We work on the underlying cause of dis-ease with Vibrational Alignment and Chakra Diagnosis.

I can feel the spin of energy at each of your seven chakras (energy centers along the spine). Wherever the energy is excessive or deficient, I can detect subtle dysfunctions and the reasons behind imbalances. Then I use vibratory tools (crystals, toning, aromatherapy) to help bring the energies into balance.

Through Core Belief Work, we identify and reprogram old dysfunctional beliefs that may be lingering in your subconscious. Through Emotional Release Work, we release anger or sorrow that may be trapped in your energy body, resulting in depression, lack of energy, addiction, or physical ailments. I also do Past Life Regressions, Life Between LIves (LBL), Hypnotic CDs, Life Path Counseling, Spiritual Journeys, and Releasing Earthbound Spirits.

I work in the tradition of the Shamana and Medicine Woman. My teachers include Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Bethal Phaigh, and wisdom holders among native American and Hawaiian traditions. I am the Director of the Vibrational Healing Program, now in its 24th year.

I am also available for private sessions by phone , including Counseling, Core Belief Work, Spiritual Journeys, Hypnotic CDs, Path Life Regressions, Grief Work, Chakra Diagnosis, Life Between LIves and Vibrational Alignment. Please email me to schedule an appointment, which can be done by phone or with Skype.

A Vibrational Alignment—the main work I do—works like this. We start out by chatting for awhile, getting to know one another. Then when we're ready, I begin to feel the spin of energy at your major and minor chakras. I can do this long distance. I describe what I feel to you, and this is like doing a psychic reading for each energy center; a lot of information tends to come through. It tends to open up more conversations.


Meanwhile, whenever it feels helpful, I will use a crystal or an essential oil at the appropriate chakras (if we're working long distance, I can do this here, on my imaginary hologram of your body, and you can also do it where you are, if you have the crystals or oils, and if not, I will describe them to you and you can visualize them).


I will continue to work with each chakra until it comes into balance. It's kind of like putting together a puzzle, because the information at one chakra will often relate to something at another chakra. For example, the left side of the body is your feminine side and may be influenced by your mother. Your left hip holds the energy of your mother during the first few years of your life and while you were in the womb. The knees are about responsibility and how you feel about it. So if you have a pain in your left knee, and if the energy there is excessive, it could be that your mother was a workaholic, and didn't take much time out for you when you were a baby, and that you adapted to the situation by becoming a workaholic yourself.


Sessions are from 1-1/2 to 2 hours and the fee is $150*. The Life Between Lives work takes 3-4 hours and the fee is $300. I see many clients via the internet, and I also see clients at my home office on the Big Island of Hawaii, between Hilo and Waimea.


If you come from off-island, ask about renting my Guest Room.

Another exciting option is to set up an individualized Mentorship Program, where we will work together to design private weekly sessions based on your individualized goals.


"Joy is a warm, tender and huggable healer. She recognizes, honors and nurtures the whole person, especially the fragile and often wounded inner child, who can feel trust and joy in her capable and loving hands."
-- Patricia Mayfield, Calgary, AB

See also

Joy also offers Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regressions


Joy Gardner
808 345-5838
email Joy

* fees are negotiable for those in need




Terry Garthwaite

nJoy Music box 14
San Geronimo CA 94963

© Sing Yourself Happy ©
Sundays @ 4:00
@ the Fairfax Community Church
a comfortable environment for experiencing, exploring, sharing
the joyous energy of singing and sound

© Vibrational Healing Practice ©
l. Spirit Journey: a wisdom journey along the path of your own imagination
2. Core Belief Excavation: uncovering outdated beliefs and
revisioning, rebuilding your support system
3. Stone Layout: balancing the chakras through the energy of stones and tones
4. 4-Element Meditation: guidance through elemental visualization
5. . Vibrational Alignment: aligning one's energy fields--body and spirit--through
toning, stone layout, and excavating the past.

©Wellspring Family Camp ©
Arts, Crafts, Music Retreat
An annual creativity camp in August at Wellspring, Philo, CA.
Singing and creating songs and sounds from deep within.
I will be your guide through spirit journeys in song.
We'll sing songs with parts--original songs, chants, rounds,
as well as some jazz greats

©Hum Drum Workshop ©
Terry Garthwaite and Barbara Borden
An annual retreat the first weekend in June @Wellspring Renewal Center, Philo, CA
Energize your spirit, empower your voice, soothe your soul
through drumming, singing, sounding, sharing.
Call (415) 388-5340 or 488-4778 for details

Terry Garthwaite has been creating infectious music since the '60s in the
Joy of Cooking. With the improvisation of jazz, expression of blues,
textures and tones of world music, and the heart of a healer, Terry
makes music that opens you to the joy of living. She currently
leads workshops, classes and circles in rhythm and chant,
emphasizing the joy of singing together, playing
with sound and digging the musical garden.
She has twice been awarded
the Marin Arts Council's
Composers grant.
Terry's powerful
music for body, mind
and spirit radiates the healing
nature of music and propels em-
powerment and delight. Her songs have
been used in workshops, meditation, surgery,
bodywork, dancing, dusting, and driving to soothe,
assure, inspire, revitalize. Her recent recordings--
Sacred Circles and Affirhythms--are available through
Ladyslipper Distribution or nJoy Sounds.


Terry Garthwaite nJoy Music

We are warrior women made of ancestor bone
We seek the spirit secrets in the deep unknown.

the Healing Vibration of Sound and Song

We in circle spin our webs
All around
Weaving our tales of life
In threads of sound
I am a warrior woman, made from ancestor bone,
sprung from the wombs of my grandmothers.
My grandmothers, the musicians.
And music has woven its theme through my life.
The sound of music and the music of sound.
I am a sound weaver, threading tones from head to toe.
I use the sound and the song
to breathe freedom through me and into you.
Freedom to speak up, to sing out, to dance on the edge.
To breathe in spirit, inspire and release.
I use the sound and the song
to invoke creativity and to vitalize your imagination.
To shake loose the cobwebs of old habits. To vibrate our spirits.
I use the song and the sound
to strew the seeds of love and sow connection and community.

Tell me about yourself and we will sing the song of you.

Original chant recordings, workshops, and sessions available through nJoy Music









I work one to one with people in sessions I call Voice and Sound.

These sessions incorporate the healing modalities I am trained in and the focus is on self expression, confidence building and finding your true vocal path, which in turn can lead to finding your true life path.

I believe the voice is a mirror and a metaphor. Work with the voice

and positive changes happen.
I have always known at a deep level how important sound is. My passion for more understanding led me to work and study with Joy at her then home in Marin County, North of San Francisco. Our time together was inspiring. I came away fully aware that Vibrational Healing was to be a big part of my life and work.
I have a hearing impairment which means I have intuitively relied on the feel of sound on some level for all of my life. We listen with more than just our ears!
I am a professional vocalist myself and I am honoured to be part of a global album project ‘Healing Music From Around The World – Volume 1’. Together with composer Kate Jaconello we represent the UK on this worldwide release.



For further information, bookings and updates please go to

Or email me directly

In Love and Peace  



Lissin Lev Chaim

(650) 359-1498

Pacifica, CA (near San Francisco)

email Lissen

Experience Vibrational Healing with Lissin

We are all vibration. When we are vibrating at our highest frequency, everything in our life feels in balance, and things "click" into place. Many circumstances affect our energy fields and can throw our vibrations off, from physical and emotional trauma to stress, childhood wounds, or picking up other's "negative vibes."

In Vibrational Healing we work together to balance the body's energy centers and release negative patterns using sound and toning, color, gemstones, aromatherapy, and the magical vibrations of the ocean.

Lissin is an intuitive and gentle healer who believes in the healing power of the human voice. A classical singer for fifteen years, she was guided in 1993 to expand beyond the realm of performing and to use her voice for healing. Since then Lissin has developed a dynamic and highly effective technique called Sound Massage and has studied with sound healer Karin Schelde and extensively with Joy Gardner's Vibrational Healing Program.

Sessions take place at Lissin's home--just 20 minutes from San Francisco--in a beautiful secluded cove on the beach where the healing songs of the ocean escalate the vibratory experience.

"I never felt so good, so relaxed and so at peace in my life. I felt unburdened and free. I felt like I was me."
Roz Isaac, Half Moon Bay, CA

Vibrational Healing sessions can include Sound Massage, Vibrational Alignment, Spiritual Journeys, Reiki and more and are intuitively tailored to each individual's needs. Sliding scale available.

(650) 359-1498

ALSO Check out our funtastic web site



James Lowe will soon be posted.



Lynn Miller

Phoenixville, PA

Lynn Miller provides healing sessions tailored to help you resolve emotional pain, develop self-expression, learn tools for stress reduction and develop new self-advocating behaviors. This process is supported through Creative arts, Chakra balancing and Therapeutic sound. Learn more at:


When we are out of balance, we feel a disharmony. This disharmony can manifest with unclear thinking, stress, physical symptoms or fatigue. This is our body speaking to us, a signal for us to look at something, feel something, notice something. Therapeutic Sound Healing can restore the body back to harmony.


During a session Lynn Miller uses her voice, gemstones and color therapy, with the objective of raising vibration. She "tunes" into the chakras through sound. The participant hears the feedback which brings awareness. Dense frequencies held by buried emotions may be released and transmuted. The body entrains as higher frequencies are introduced. Participants may be encouraged to use their own voice to move the energy. The sounding gently massages molecules back into the right places, clearing blockages and restoring harmony. Our vibrations attract people and situations that have a similar frequency. By raising our vibrations, we can attract what we want in our lives.


In addition to private sessions, Lynn Miller and Jan Hittle have created the SpiritVoice: School for Vocal Improvisation and Sound Healing.


• Learn vocal improvisation techniques
• Learn sound healing tools for personal growth or for working with others
• Develop musicianship skills

• Be part of a vocal community


Lynn Miller is a certified Music Therapist and holds a Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy. Lynn has a certificate from Don Campbell’s Therapeutic Sound School and Joy Gardner’s Vibrational Healing program. She was an adjunct faculty member in Music Therapy at Immaculata University. Currently on staff for Music for People, an organization dedicated to music improvisation, she has taught music improvisation in Switzerland, France and Italy for over10 years.


Lynn is on 2 CD’s — MysticSong: and JazzGrass:


Note from Joy: JazzGrass is one of my all-time favorite albums. Lynn does a lot of vocals on this album, and her vocal versatility is absolutely stunning! The whole group is briliant, with a wide variety of musical delights.


Lynn Miller






Luce Myers


Luce Myers practices in the Ozark Highlands of Missouri. She listens to your body/mind and spirit attentively before assisting you on your healing path with the help of


resonant prayer


vibrational alignment with stones

Raindrop essential oil technique

subtle flower essences

Luce has been a Vibrational practitioner since her initial training with Joy Gardener in 1995, and has studied essential oils with David Stewart since 2002.


Luce is a visual artist and educator and encourages clients to co-create a work of art to bookmark their healing experiences.






Lauren Smithandrews

email Lauren

I have been a Vibrational Healer certified by Joy Gardner’s Vibrational Healing Program since 1997, when I went to Molokai, Hawaii, to learn from Joy how to feel energy and to work with it using sound in the form of toning, light, color and crystals; how to do past life regressions, spiritual journeys (I’ll never forget the one on which Joy led me), underlying cause and vibrational alignments, including stone layouts.

I was raised in a family that was in tune with all things metaphysical. My parents were interested in telepathy and psychic phenomena, Edgar Cayce and ESP among other topics, and talked to me about them. I remember my father asking me to “guess” what the next card would be from a deck of cards with funny designs on them like a star or wavy lines. I later learned this was a deck used to test psychic ability. I think I missed as many as I got right.

My first memories about complementary healing occurred when I was about six years old and really sick. My parents placed a long distance phone call (only done in those days when it was extremely important) to my great-Aunt Martha, who was an osteopath and radionics practitioner. She would diagnose and treat me from her office in Paris, KY, and I always got well.

I soon learned that I didn’t talk about great-Aunt Martha’s healing work with my friends because they’d laugh and make fun of me. So my interests simmered. When I was 13, I knew I wanted to learn to do what great-Aunt Martha did, but a few months later she made her transition at the age of 83. I thought that was the end of the road for my desire to become a healer because surely no one else in the world could do what she did.

Over the years, I read everything I could find about psychic phenomena, telepathy, ESP, clairaudience and remote viewing. But the healing side of energy work lay withering in a corner somewhere.


At the same time, I was evolving my own ideas about how the world and its energies worked, based on my own experiences, particularly with manifestation. I started noticing that if I said certain things in certain ways, they happened! My spiritual philosophy was also evolving. When I was in my twenties, a co-worker (a former Jesuit priest) told me that my ideas were quite metaphysical. I wasn’t even sure what metaphysical meant!


Then, in 1995, I saw a video of a Touch For Health treatment with a description of the energy meridians and kinesiology. After the video there was a demonstration of kinesiology. I was mesmerized. The three hours passed in a flash. I knew I wanted to learn to do it, though it was several years before I did.


The next year I began taking classes at the Holistic Coaching Institute and was later attuned as a Reiki Master. After reading an article by Joy Gardner in a local metaphysical newspaper, I called her to find out more about Vibrational Healing. That resulted in my becoming a Certified Vibrational Healer in her program.


As part of the certification process, I had to do a number of treatments of several sorts and send Joy the feedback sheets. One client who didn’t know much about complementary healing, but had an open mind, was a subject for a Vibrational Alignment stone layout. About halfway through he said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but it sure feels good.” What a confirmation. He could feel the stones working.


Past Life Regressions are a favorite with clients. They are amazed by the experiences the messages they receive that help them with issues in their current lives. I now work with color and light in combination with other modalities in my practice. In addition to being a Certified Vibrational Healer, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer and a Sound Therapy Practitioner using the Solfeggio tuning forks. My practice consists primarily of working above the body with the body’s energy fields.


I live in East Tennessee near a town called Madisonville where I practice with my husband, Dale. Our practice is called Mountain Harmony Wellness where we do treatments and teach classes in Reiki, meditation, meridians and others.


I can be contacted at 423-442-4201, or email me or at go to our website:




Wendy Joy

Emerald Isle, NC


Wendy will soon be posted here.


Tami Duncan

Corona, CA (Southern Cal)

Tami Duncan
Vibrational Healer and Reiki Master

email me
(951) 258-7398
Offices in Corona, CA and Mission Viejo, CA

I specialize in those with chronic illness and children and adults who have been diagnosed with autism. I consider myself a wounded healer. I have been through chronic illness myself and have learned so much that I pass on to my clients.


Every session I do is spiritually guided. I connect with the clients guides and angels as I work as a facilitator to bring forth healing energies such as Reiki and the beautiful 12th dimensional healing energy. I also work with crystals, sound, aromatherapy, flower essences, spiritual guidance, inner-work or whatever I am guided to use to help the client on his or her journey healing.


I enjoy working with people who are ready to heal and to do the work. This is when the good stuff happens. With children and adults with autism, I also communicate telepathically with them or with their higher self to share information back to the parents. This helps the parent to understand issues in the home, reasons for behavior, and health issues.


I consider myself very blessed to do this work and hope to share it with as many
as I am able.


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