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This section is for you, the readers of my books, and the readers of this website, to ask questions about Vibrational Healing. Please send all questions to me via "Email Joy!" at the bottom of the side panel. Tell me if it's okay to use your real name. Please give your city and state or country. Your email address will not be used. Send a picture of yourself if you like. If you have answers or comments you'd like to add to mine, please send them along. I'll also bring in interesting questions from my Facebook blog.

From Petra Gottsmann in Massachusetts

I just have an important question to ask you; in my hospice work, how can I help the dying person to make it easier for them to let go and cross over??

from Joy

Usually hospice patients are heavily drugged with morphine and they spend much of their last hours vacillating back and forth between the worlds. Even when they seem to be asleep you can tone for them, if you feel inspired, and they seem to like that. If they are agitated, blue light with the tone UUU, even done very softly, is calming. If their breathing is agitated, match your breath to theirs for a few minutes, and then gradually begin taking deeper breaths and they will align with you. Often just holding their hand is the greatest gift you can give.

From Mary Sloan in Raleigh, NC

Would anyone know of a citrine crystal or fluorite crystal turning dark or changing color after being gifted to a person who had recently been through a relationship-ending trauma and who was deeply affected by the incident?

from Joy

Thanks for the great question, Mary.

Yes, my son Reuben gave me a fluorite cluster with a quartz inclusion that was deep purple and you could barely see through it. Within a month, it became translucent so you could easily see through it. (That made a believer out of him!)

A client told me about getting a lepidolite pendant for his wife (who was highly skeptical). She wore if for one day and it turned quite dark. By the end of the day, she was totally convinced of the healing power of rocks. But she never wanted to wear that pendant again because it felt like it had literally absorbed all of her skepticism.

Comment by Todd Taylor

Here's my thought on the subject. Citrine itself has changed to citrine, from temperature and pressure and such. What's energetically more high pressure and temperature altering than stress and trauma? My experience with flourite is that it absorbs well.

I have all kinds of crystals that have changed luminescence and features. Some have even materially transported. I know that sounds unnatural and easy to explain away, but once people stop denying the miraculous, it tends to happen.

from Joy

Yes, Todd, I and many of my students have amazing stories to tell about crystals disappearing and then reappearing in totally different places. Please feel free to share your stories here!


Note from Joy: When students want to sign up for the Vibrational Healing Intensive, I ask them to fill out a Questionnaiare. One of the last questions on the Questionnaire is: "Ask Joy a good question." Here's one I really enjoyed, from an anonymous student:

from Anonymous

Joy, why have you chosen Vibrational Healing over all other healing modalities? What is unique about Vibrational Healing?

from Joy:

What a wonderful question! I have to say that it is my own unique version of Vibrational Healing that most deeply fascinates me, because it is a combination of all the things that I find most interesting in the healing realms. First it focuses on the Underlying Cause of Dis-ease, and that is always a unique adventure, to discover why a person became ill. I get bored with anything that is repetitive, which is why I stopped specializing in massage, herbology, and acupuncture. Vibrational Healing is more like being a detective. We use lots of different tools to thoroughly explore the source of the problem, including visualization, past life work, core belief work, and chakra diagnosis—every one of which can cause dramatic changes for the client.

Second, we use the chakra system, which allows us to work simultaneously on every level, because the lower chakras give insight into physical problems, the middle chakras involve the emotions, and through the higher chakras we can explore the mind and spirit.

Third, we use the vibratory tools to help remove the old dysfunctional patterns, and then again to bring in more harmonious frequencies. Since all life begins with vibration, frequency is at the essence of changing life patterns. In truth, all this work can be done effectively without the vibratory tools, but when we combine the work with sound, color, aromas, and crystals, it is amazing to see that the work goes from 2-20 times faster.

I love to witness profound transformations in my clients and students, and so far this combination of tools is the best that I have found to achieve that end.

Fourth, Vibrational Healing work is not limited to working with those who are sick. It can also be used preventatively, ideally at each change of season, and whenever there is undue stress.

And finally, Vibrational Healing can be used to support clients in the next stage of their spiritual unfoldment. We do this through Spiritual Journeys, which are like a waking dream in which you follow your own Life Path, meeting your Spirit Guides and having profound adventures along your way.

The beauty of my program is that you get to experience all of these modalities yourself, while learning how to do them for your clients.

from Linda Nidal (Australia)

Dear Joy,
I love crystals and can drum and sound is there any way I can heal my broken capillaries and varicose veins  really awfull especially around ankles I'm very self conscious about them. Western medicine has failed me. At present I am putting apple cider vinegar on them. Have always felt it is my responsibility to heal them inherited from my mother but I don't want them. Have your book Vibrational healing through the Chakras love it picked it up by chance a few days ago.

from Joy

It’s funny — I just finished watching an old Australian film, We of the Never Never, (1982) when I got your email. I love that film, because several of the aborigines in the movie remind me of people that I met in Alice Springs when I taught at the school there for a couple of weeks. The children touched me so deeply, and watching this movie brought it all back.

Linda, for your varicose veins, I would try vitamin E, alpha tocopherols. Start with 200 IU per day for 6 weeks. Then increase to 400 for 6 weeks, etc. til you are taking 800 daily.

Also try kicking. Put a big pillow in the corner of a room and kick it. Think of anything or anyone you might be pissed at and kick it and make noise. Do that every day until you’ve cleared out anything you’re pissed about. And walk. While you’re walking, visualize the blood flowing down your legs and into your toes, and flowing back up your legs. Sing to your blood vessels. Tell them to regrow and sing to heal them. Rest for 5 minutes every hour, with your legs elevated.

Use essential oils to gently massage your legs, especially upward, to increase the circulation. Lemon, cypress and peppermint, a few drops of each in a carrier oil like jojoba or almond. Indigo light directed at the legs is also beneficial. Be patient. It may take a long time to see major improvement, but you should certainly be able to prevent it from getting worse.

Most important, you need to eliminate any old Core Beliefs about how “My mother had it, and now so will I.” It doesn’t help to decide not to think that way. You need to find the underlying subconscious beliefs and then work with those Core Beliefs to change them. I can do that with you over the phone if you like.

from Ruth Gamel
I have a very worn copy of The New Healing Yourself  with which I have raised my five sons. Many times in this book you offer some insight into why a person might be plagued by certain health issues. I have appreciated this aspect of the book and so turned to it when a young girl who is staying with me this summer put her arm through a window for the second time in three days. Alas, you offered no insight on this issue. Neither instance of the breaking of glass was consiously intentional. The first instance resulted in several cuts on her right hand, none serious enough for stiches. The second instance, on the same hand, resulted in two slightly deeper wounds.
Emotional issues involved include divorced parents who continually discuss re-marraige, but nothing ever comes of the discussions. Father lives 400 miles away. She and her Mother have recently relocated to my area and she will be starting school in a new place in a couple of weeks. When she was four years old she cut her knee open playing in the back yard. The mother also cut the center of her hand two weeks ago while handling a piece of glass while moving.
Any light which you could shed on this issue would be appreciated.

from Joy:

Ruth, it sounds to me like the girl blames herself for the divorce and is subconsciously trying to punish and hurt herself. The same is probably true for her mother.

Note to other readers—The New Healing Yourself—Natural Remedies for Adults and Children is out-of-print, but you can probably find it used from

from Dan M. Gillespie

    I greatly enjoyed, and continue to enjoy your book, Vibrational Healing through the Chakras. I thought you might be a good person to help me with this phenomenon I stumbled upon. My dance/meditation instructor and my yoga guru both mentioned recently that they have issues with electronics. Their issues are that the electronics always fail around them. I know that my dance instructor cannot use any type of electricity on her face or she develops a bad breakout rash. She goes through a new laptop computer about every week, and so on. My yoga guru doesn't wear a watch anymore because they always fail, and he has many tape recorders running during our classes so that at least one will hopefully work and record the teachings of the class.
    Have you ever heard of this? Is this just a coincidence, or is there an explanation to it? I do recognize  that they are very wise and intuitive people, so I thought that it was an odd coincidence. I would so appreciate it if you had any words of wisdom on this. Thank you so much for you time and have a great day!

from Joy:

Yes, I’ve run across many people who simply cannot wear watches, and others who burn out computers. My guess is that they are running an unusually intense amount of electrical energy. We don't usually think about our bodies as being electrical, but have you ever noticed that your radio will come in more clearly if you hold the antenna?

I knew a healer in Alberta who took me into a dark closet so he could show me the literal sparks that came off the tips of his fingers!

Here's an excerpt from Vibrational Healing through the Chakras:

The electrical frequency of human muscular activity begins at 0 Hz and goes up to 250 Hz, including the heart at 225 Hz. The human aura, as measured by Dr. Valerie Hunt, has a continuous radiation that begins at 500 Hz and probably goes higher than 20,000 Hz (20 KHz), but that was the highest limit of Hunt’s telemetry machine. DNA has been rated at 8.5 terahertz (THz or trillions of hertz) and living healthy cells at 27 THz.

According to Bruce Tainio, healthy individuals resonate in a range between 62 and 68 megahertz (MHz). This number is obtained by taking many measurements throughout the body and then finding an average. People who are ill vibrate between 20 and 62 MHz. According to measurements taken with Tainio’s BT3 Frequency Monitoring System (see resources), when you have a cold or flu your vibratory rate goes down to 58 MHz; when candida (systemic yeast infection) is present you vibrate at 55 MHz; Epstein Barr virus at 52 MHz; cancer at 42 MHz. When the death process begins, the frequency has been measured at 20 MHz.

I hope this is helpful.

From Jillian in New York

I have an awful sensitivity to electromagnetic energy and I live in New York City, so it's hard to get away from it! Do you have any suggestions about how to neutralize that energy?

from Joy:

I’ve heard that magnets can act to neutralize excessive electrical energy, and that amber will absorb that energy when placed around electrical outlets. (It develops holes, so use the cheap kind.) Also you can try wearing zeolite. Here's an excerpt from the revised edition of Color and Crystals, A Journey through the Chakras, which has not been published yet.

Zeolite is a microporous mineral that occurs in natural and synthetic form. It has an open structure that can absorb a wide variety of positive ions. Jewelry that contains a combination of black tourmaline and zeolite (natural or synthetic) seems to be effective in removing heavy metals and producing negative ions. [Positive ions are produced by electrical devices and they are bad for your health. Negative ions are good for you.]

from Andrew in Columbus, Ohio

Thanks so much for writing such great books. I have a question. I have a pain in my foot and the doctors can't figure out what the problem is. Are there any stones or other things that might help me?

from Joy:

I use two stones to pull pain out of the body: malachite and fuchsite. Use either one or, ideally, both (alongside each other). Try to find a piece of each stone that is at least at large as the painful area (though with malachite, a stone that has a strong bulls-eye pattern can be powerful even if it is small). I would place the stone(s) over the painful area for about ten minutes, once or twice a day. I would expect some improvement after the first treatment; otherwise it probably won't work.

I would also urge you to look at the underlying cause. What was happening in your life, on the personal level, when this pain started? Physical pain is often a reflection of emotional pain. Unexpressed anger or tears can often be a source of pain. Here's an exercise from Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy:

Toning for the Pain in Your Body. Focus on a painful part of your body and think of three words that describe the pain. Write them down. Think of a metaphor for the pain such as, “My hip feels like a rusty machine with the gears locked.” Write that down.

Now give a sound to the first feeling. If the sound doesn’t come spontaneously, begin by toning on a low note and slowly raise the pitch until you find a tone that resonates with the pain. Continue making sounds until you feel a release, as if you’ve given yourself an inner massage. This may take five to ten minutes or more with each feeling.

Here is how the exercise worked with one of my clients. John had a pain in his shoulders. His three words were: “Tight … scrunched … heavy.” I wrote these down and then I asked him for a metaphor by saying, “It feels like…?” He responded, “It feels like I’m carrying the whole world on my shoulders.” I wrote this down. Then I read the first word aloud. I asked him to move around and make sounds to express feeling tight. He had a little trouble doing that, so I told him to, “Begin by making low sounds and slowly raise the pitch until you find a sound that feels tight. It might be a weird sound.” Then I realized that he might feel self-conscious making such a sound, so I offered to demonstrate. I went into my own body and it wasn’t too hard to remember having a tightness in my own shoulders. I scrunched up my shoulders and made a strange gutteral sound that seemed to express the tightness. We both laughed and then it was easier for him. He rolled his head around on his neck and opened his mouth and made a powerful oooo sound, which he continued to make it until he felt a release.

He did a similar process with word “scrunched,” this time making little barking sounds. With the word “heavy” he leaned over in a stooped position like an old man and made deep gutteral groans of pain. When this was complete, he stood up much straighter than before.
I asked him to make sounds for “I’m carrying the whole world on my shoulders.” Suddenly his chin jutted forward and his shoulders came up again as he made short, fast panting sounds. He did this for several minutes, then shook himself off like a dog coming out of the water. “My God!” he exclaimed. “I feel totally different! The pain is gone. I never get that much relief from a massage.”

This exercise works so effectively because it gives our bodies and voices an opportunity to express the pain, resentment, and frustration that we normally suppress. It’s a great relief to be absolutely authentic. It takes a load off your shoulders.


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