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What is the RMA Mystery School? 

RMA stands for Rejuvenation, Manifestation and Ascension. The RMA Mystery School is based upon personal experience and self-transformation. You will be prepared to enter into the temple (metaphorically or literally), to be trained in how to empty your mind, and how to have the clearest and cleanest contact with your own Ascended Self. Through direct experience, you will discover the Mystery that you are. By systematically eliminating all that you are not, you will discover your hidden abilities. You will re-member why you came here.

This is an alchemical Mystery School in which you are the base metal, and you experience many methods and teachings. When you allow them to penetrate to the core of your being, then your body, mind and spirit will be transmuted into pure gold. You will experience life changes that will allow you to become your most authentic self.

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