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What is the RMA Mystery School? 

RMA stands for Rejuvenation, Manifestation and Ascension. The RMA Mystery School is based upon personal experience and self-transformation. You will be prepared to enter into the temple (metaphorically or literally), to be trained in how to empty your mind, and how to have the clearest and cleanest contact with your own Ascended Self. Through direct experience, you will discover the Mystery that you are. By systematically eliminating all that you are not, you will discover your hidden abilities. You will re-member why you came here.

This is an alchemical Mystery School in which you are the base metal, and you experience many methods and teachings. When you allow them to penetrate to the core of your being, then your body, mind and spirit will be transmuted into pure gold. You will experience life changes that will allow you to become your most authentic self.

Ascension & Personal Transmutation

Who Would be Interested in This Program?

What Are the Tools of the Program?

What Will I Learn?

The Symbol

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Ascension & Personal Transmutation

Ascension means simultaneously opening ALL the chakras until you move into your Light Body, taking your physical body with you wherever you choose.

The ancient and powerful tools of light, crystals, sound, color, herbs, nutrition and aromatherapy will be used, for their ability to support soul growth and for physical healing and robust good health. We combine this with a profound understanding of the chakra system, as it encompasses the physical (lower chakras), emotional (middle chakras) and spiritual (higher chakras) realms.

Most important on this journey is the adept’s ability to source her/his own Inner Voice. We do this by first eliminating all the voices that are not your own, through Core Belief explorations. You will be taken through a process of physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing. The body will be cleansed; the emotions will be released; the chakras will be balanced, and you will experience past lives and between lives until you are fully immersed in your own eternal soul self. When all negativity is purged and you are plunged into deep and profound Gratitude for all life, you will learn to spin your chakras and you will become a pure vehicle. Then you will emanate positive life energy for Rejuvenation, Manifestation and Ascension. It cannot be otherwise.

Do You Feel Different?

Does some part of you feel like an outsider? Do you have unusual “gifts,”

but you don’t know if it’s a curse or a blessing?

The RMA Mystery School provides the support that you need now, to move through challenging times, while staying Centered and Connected. You will always have challenges, because you are human—because you grow by meeting those challenges. But the hard part is when you think you have to do it alone.

So we provide direction, instruction and mentorship with teachers who are not exalted, but who are a little further along, on a path that feels familiar. In addition to the weekly 2-3 hour group meetings, you will meet privately, with Joy, for half an hour per month.

In the RMA Mystery School, you become empowered to use your gifts for the highest good. The loneliness of being different tends to slip away when you are in the presence of other Light Workers, working toward similar goals, becoming each other’s support team.

The most crucial skill that you will learn in the RMA Mystery School is the ability to access your own Highest Intelligence—to overcome confusion and trust your Inner Voice. Whether your challenges are financial, emotional, intellectual or spiritual, you will know what to do. You will learn to distinguish this Voice from the other voices that go round and round in your head. You will learn how to eliminate those other voices.

Over time you will begin to merge with your own Ascended Self, so that you can navigate your way consciously through this life and beyond.

Over time, we will build a Group Consciousness that allows the group to accomplish remarkable things.



Is This Program Right for You?

This program is open to people of all faiths; the only requirement is a high degree of open-mindedness and curiosity; a willingness to explore; and a certain amount of courage—a willingness to go into uncharted territory. On the other hand, if you are currently a member of a fundamentalist religion and if you believe in a punishing God, this Mystery School will not be a good fit for you.

We are looking for people who are non-judgmental; who know how to ask good questions; who think outside the box; and who are willing to take risks. We are looking for people who are deeply devoted to their own inner growth, to deep honesty, authenticity, service and a desire to find and fulfill their life mission. We are looking for people who want to Become Love, to accomplish their dreams, to spread the Light and to joyfully evolve to the highest place that they possibly can achieve.


What are the Tools of the Mystery School?

During this process, all of the vibrational tools will be used to fully support each student in their personal Rejuvenation, Manifestation and Ascension. Those who wish to be healers, and those who already are, will absorb the skills they need to share this healing work with others.

Those of you who are drawn to this work probably were adepts in past lives. In addition to learning how to journey and to help others to journey into past lives, you will have the opportunity to go back into a lifetime where you were an initiate in a Mystery School.

In my own memory of the Mystery School in ancient Egypt, I was a High Priestess. From Egypt, I journeyed to the stars, to Syrius, where there was another Mystery School. We brought back information for our community and for the planet during these journeys. I knew that when I brought this experience back to the Temple, I would be met by the community of priestesses and priests, in the most sacred place, where they would receive this information and we would decide how to integrate it into a better reality.

In modern times, we—for the most part—lack such a community. If we are fortunate enough to be able to journey into the stars, into other solar systems, into other realities—when we come back, we have no one to take our revelations to. There is no community to take us seriously and to translate our revelations into new realities.

Before you travel in this manner, you will experience Past Life Regressions and Life Between Lives. You will purify yourself by opening and balancing your chakras, so that your kundalini can rise, free and unobstructed, activating your pineal and pituitary glands to produce the visions that will guide and enlighten you.

When you have concluded Phase 1 of the Program, you will have the option to become a Certified Vibrational Healer by meeting certain other minimal requirements. You will also have formed profound connections with other Light Workers. You will have experienced profound personal, communal and planetary transformation. And you will have become who you most deeply want to be.  

The Symbol

This symbol is based on a vision I had over 40 years ago. I believe it is the key for all life. I designed it and Julie Evans, a graphic artist who is one of my students, produced it. It shows a circle with three ellipses. I used the complementary colors to show that each ellipse has a yin-yang polarity. When I created the pattern, I was amazed to discover the Star of David at the center, and the two interpenetrating hearts. It is rare to find heart shapes in nature; it is not one of the five basic forms. I'd be curious to hear your reaction to this pattern. Also I'd like to know if anyone has come across this anywhere else? It feels ancient. It feels like the completion of the Star of David. Please respect the fact that it is trademarked, and do not use it anywhere else without my permission.

Sacred geometry is a major key to the ancient mysteries. The Star of David (after King David) has been used as a symbol of Judaism, but the Hindus use it as the symbol for the Heart Chakra, anahatha. They say it represents balance. The triangle pointing up sybolizes the awakening to spirituality. The triangle pointing down indicates being firmly planted in the ground. Some say that the triangle pointing down represents male energy and the one pointing up symbolizes female energy. This symbol is also sacred to the Turks, the Muslims, and the Freemasons.

Anything that you are trying to figure out can be fed into the format: the initial thought is the circle at the center. Then you can look at it through the lens of three different sets of opposites. Once you have done this, you will have complete understanding.

What is Different about the RMA Mystery School?

• You will enter into safe communication with plants, stones, animals, insects, spirit guides, nature spirits, disembodied entities and extraterrestrials.
• You will feel the energy of the chakras, sensing where there is imbalance and you will know how to use the vibratory tools to restore balance.
• You will expand your mind as well as your spirit by studying physics, cellular biology and the science of waves.

• You will have your feet on the ground and your head in the heavens.

• You will be encouraged to take excellent care of your physical vehicle.
• If you choose, you will become a Certified Vibrational Healer.




“After completing the Program, I feel more connected to something larger, and that makes me feel more secure and empowered—because I know how to access that bigger place.”
— S. Voll, Oahu, HI

“My experiences in the RMA Mystery School have been magical, transformative, and soul-expanding. Never before have I felt more in control of my life. I have learned to let go of a lot that has not served me, and to embrace who I am fully.”
--Maximelian Webster, Big Island, HI

“Thank you for helping me to feel wholeness and see truth. Thank you for offering a space of peace. I feel that so many can benefit from exposure to these concepts and people. Your classes offer me an expanded vocabulary to describe and assist humanity in genuine ways. Thank you for all the ways you bring bliss to our lives.”
--Lokelani Francine, Papa'aloa, HI


I feel freer within myself and in the mind than I have yet experienced. This program helped to clear and cleanse my sight. It has made me a clearer channel for God to work through. I immensely enjoy having you as a mentor and teacher. I couldn’t imagine anyone else to do a Mystery school with.

-- Sara Crawford, Caspar, WY


More Testimonials


“Being with you at your home in Hawaii was very inspirational for leading a vital and healthy life. I enjoyed watching the way you handled challenging situations by airing them out, how you have crystals everywhere, and the way you say, ‘I need a moment to tune in and receive guidance.’ The program has been very transformative on a personal level and it has given me confidence in my abilities as a healer. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone seeking personal development or to learn about energy healing.”
-- Anna Bilan, Costa Mesa, CA.

 The RMA Mystery School not only taught me how to help others thru the skills of Vibrational Healing, it truly created positive change within myself. I love how Joy makes sure that we fully experience each healing technique before we begin to work on others. The course is highly enriching. This Program helps me to remember that there is more to this world than the physical. The situations that we go thru have an undercurrent behind them that comes from a higher source trying to show us the real meaning and purpose of life. It's easy to forget, but this class helps me feel that earth is a school and we are here to learn...not suffer. I feel so blessed to learn from you, Joy Gardner. You are gracious, loving and wise!
-- Desiree Smith, Atlanta, GE


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