RMA Mystery School
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Recommended Reading, Listening & Viewing List

Reading through this list will give you a better idea about what I will be teaching. Of course, I won't expect you to read and watch everything. But you can begin to check out the ones that appeal to you most. Required Reading has 3 stars (***), Recommended Reading has 2 stars (**) and additional reading that you may enjoy 1 star (*). The only book that is absolutely required before beginning the program is Vibrational Healing through the Chakras by Joy Gardner.


Books, CDs and DVDs by Joy Gardner

Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy ***

Body/Mind Journeys ***

    available from Joy's Store

Crystals and Aromatherapy ***

    7 DVDs, available from Joy's Store

Pocket Guide to Chakras (The Crossing Press, 1998) **
The Healing Voice: Traditional & Contemporary Toning, Chanting & Singing (The Crossing Press, 1993)

    out-of-print but available used, or as an eBook from Joy's Store *

Color and Crystals: A Journey Through the Chakras (The Crossing Press, 1988) *

    out-of-print but available used, or as an eBook from Joy's Store

Toning the Chakras ***

    a CD, available from Joy's Store

Color & Crystal Reference Guide **

    available from Joy's Store

Tantrananda, A Method of Raising the Sexual Energy (Healing Yourself Press, 1988) ***

    available from Joy

The New Healing Yourself (The Crossing Press, 1989) *

    out-of-print but available used


The Power of Vulnerability Ted Talk by Brenet Brown ***
Edmond Bordeaux Szekely: The Essene Gospel of Peace (Book One) ***
Tony Robbins: Alkaline Diet - Tony Robbins on Ph Body Balance ***

    on Youtube - from 5-16 min:

Toni Toney: The Power of an Alkaline Diet ***

    on Youtube - from 16-
Acid Alkaline Chart: *

Importance of Not Sitting Too Long: How Sitting is Harmful for Your Health **

Michael Pollan on Microbes: ***
    video: In the Beginning there was Light **

       last half hour, where he interviews scientists ***

Mantak Chia:
    Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy * duchamp/Books&more/Neurosciences/Reflexologie/Mantak%20Chia/%5BMantak_Chia,
    Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Female Sexual Energy *
Patricia Davis: Aromatherapy An A-Z *


Joe Vitale and Ihalekala Hew Len, PhD: Zero Limits, The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More **
Dr. Hew Lin's 5-page explanation of Self-Identity Ho'oponopono ***

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): EFT Basics with Gary Craig ***

   & What Is EFT? ***
The Secret

    a video - Free on YouTube ***


      a video - Free on YouTube ***



Joanna Cherry: Steps in Your Ascension CD Set *

    order at
Godfrey Re King: (The I AM Foundation) *

   The Original Unveiled Mysteries**:*X172TQotzpgyUHGbjfCCAfimb-weSEO*cDwtgqmE9vbcUPBA79kdijZKDp9AJVyzqH7aDgITKs92CqWUvPCHfal/UnveiledMysteries.pdf

   The Magic Presence **

Yogananda – Autobiography of a Yogi*
Baird Spaulding: Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East (6 vol) *

   Volume 1:

   Volume 2:

   Volume 3:

   Volume 4:
Vladimir Megre:Anastasia (The Ringing Cedar Series - 9 vol) *

    Megre writes about a female ascended master (I call her that) from Siberia who Is the granddaughter of    a former Illuminati (order from or download:

   Book 1:

   Book 2:

   Book 3:

   Book 4:

   Book 5:

   Book 6:

   Book 7:

   Book 8, Part

   Book 8, Part 2:
Rasha: Oneness ***

The Aquarian Gospel *:
Don MIguel Ruiz: The Four Agreements***

    Chapters 6 & 7 ***
Michael Newton:

   Life Between Lives ***
   Journey of Souls *
Claire Heartsong:

   Anna, Grandmother of Jesus*

   Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes*





Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry & Vibrational Medicine & Healing

Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Perception (book and/or CDs) ***
Nassim Haramein: 2008-Crossing the Event Horizon—Rise to the Equation (4 DVDs) ***

    order from OR watch online:
    Part 1 YAU4
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
   OR 2010-Black Whole (a 1 CD summary of the 2008 DVDs - but I prefer the 4 DVDs):

Lynn McTaggert, The Field & The Intention Experiment *
Thrive (the movie) ***

    watch it free at

What the Bleep Do We Know? (movie) *

   The Double Split Experiment: ***
Down the Rabbit Hole (movie) *


Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English: Witches, Midwives and Nurses - A History of Women Healers *

Animal Communication:

Hans Jenny on Cymatics *
   Part 1:

   Part 2:
   Part 3:







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