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From participants in
Joy Gardner's
Vibrational Healing Program

(Most photos were taken on the last day of the Intensives.) 

Gail Frankel, Ph.D., San Jose, CA
"Joy's workshops provide a safe supportive space for profound transformations to take place. They are empowering, create community and enable individual expression to manifest. "

 "I'm living at a deeper level. People and things that were challenges in the past just aren't anymore. I get a lot of insight on direction, a lot of feeling about how to open myself up more to people and to the Light. I'm much more at peace with myself. A lot of the old shame around sexuality is lifting, and along with that my creativity is opening up. I find I'm speaking a lot more truthfully, and I'm sharing that more. Like someone said, 'Wherever you're at, that's where your ministry is."
Scott Eisenhower
Chicago, IL


Lynn Miller
Music Therapist

Phoenixville, PA
The Vibrational Healing classes gave me the foundation and validation to really trust my vocal sound healing gift.  I always knew I had such a gift but was timid to claim it because it is so unique. I learned to claim it, trust it and allow it through the coaching of Joy. I now have my own Vocal school in Improvisational singing and Soundhealing. 

Hobart S. Johnson, Redwood City
"Joy is on the cutting edge of a new and fascinating technology, the technology of the body's vibratory system. Joy is a gifted teacher. Her techniques of toning and crystal healing have helped me add a new dimension to my own healing work. For this, I am extremely grateful."

 "I have had the most magnificent time of my life since I've come back, starting with being on the plane, talking to the Olympic Team. I've spent most of my life experiencing downers after having wonderful experiences, and I was afraid this would be like that, but it's been just the opposite. Physically, I'm still doing just great. The swelling in my leg has stayed down and I'm walking a mile a day, which I haven't done in four years."
Karen McDaniel
Dayton OH,

Koji Mitoma, Aptos
"The Grief and Loss segment opened up boxed-in tensions and fears and began to crack the cocoon of imprisonment,
starting the process of healing and growing. Joy provides a safe and loving atmosphere to let go of the garbage,
to feel the support, be yourself and grow."

 "I'm feeling so strong now - like I'm in love with myself. I didn't know if I could bring my new self back home with me, but I was real happy to see that there is a new core of myself which is constant. I've reclaimed my power from the men in my life. There have been several confrontations and I've done well in all of them and stood solidly on what I know I must do and who I now am. Very hard work, very powerful. I literally left my crutch behind, I've lost 30 pounds and am walking 5 miles several times a week. The arthritis is so much better!"
 Cynthia Llewellyn
Morrisville, NC

Blanche Blacke, Chicago
"All the separate parts of my being finally met for the first time in complete communication. Made peace and found love. I am complete, a new being, whole, strong and free."

 When I came to the Intensive, I was seriously enrolled in the Healing Voice part of the program, but I was definitely skeptical about the crystal part. It sounded pretty woo-woo to me. Then I went off with my partner to do crystal layouts, and I didn't expect to feel anything at all. He put a big hunk of rose quartz on my chest and toned into it, and it was staggering! I could feel the energy radiating all the way down to my toes! And then, when I did the same to him, it was just as powerful. Thank you, Sister Gardner, you have made a convert out of me!
Woody Smallwood
Sonora, CA

Ginny Winfield, Ojai
"The joy of being and acceptance of who I am just as I am; becoming simultaneously grounded and in touch with Spirit; finding my voice; experiencing unconditional love; learning from and loving everyone in the group; finding more about my path and trusting in the universe to support me."

"Wow, what you do, Joy! Who knew? I've moved into my body. I've moved into the group. I've got my feet on the ground. I'm no longer on the outside looking in. I thank God for the experience. I had no idea it would be like this!"
Shantelle Jennings, Massage Therapist
Colorado Springs, CO

"Joy, your workshop has given me the experience I needed to focus on What I Am rather than What I Am Not. Thank you."
Jim Owen
Landscape Artist
East Hampton, New York

Kevin Cates, Mill Valley
" I felt like a new person -- reborn during every phase of the workshop. I thought my heart was open and my Earth connection was strong and that I knew much of this material, but after experiencing Joy's program, I am now at a much deeper, higher level of feeling/being with the Earth, and expressing my love."
 "I'm feeling more confident, not afraid of authority figures. A lot of my resentment has gone away. The most important change is that I can be gentler with myself and in my relationships with others now."
Jan Joy Sax
Speech Pathologist
Kailua, HI


Renita Gibler, Aptos, CA
"These workshops provided the space and tools I needed to change my life for the better, to discover my true potential and to understand that I am unique and have much to offer."
"Joy's work provides a structure, a framework that supports individual creativity, with a lot of expansiveness and space for the intuition to expresss itself. It's like having a security blanket that is supportive and nurturing, but not constraining."
Doe Hart
Bookstore Manager
Columbus, OH


Vinay Guptu
Computer Wizard
Chicago, IL
"There's been a jump, and the effects are trickling down, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. I have a sense of getting much more in touch with my body and my physicality. It's such big stuff, but it's so difficult to express."


"I am owning more of myself and letting go of strings that have held me back. I feel more present and in control in regard to relationships. In the past I played the part of the victim. Now I feel that I have a bright future!"
Helen Mathison
Speech Pathologist
Minneapolis, MN
 "I've been really getting in touch with my creativity. I've been able to listen more to the crystals, and it's just soaking through me, and I feel supported by nature. I've been so inspired and I dance almost every day! And now I'm getting ready to do my first public show of my drawings! I've never had the confidence to do that before."
Lotti Sanders
East Meredith, NY,





"I can't believe how much my life has changed for the better since I choose to study with you.  I am happier and healthier then ever before.  I have made a choice to heal at all levels and it has impacted every aspect of my life.  I am more aware, understanding and compassionate overall, and I allow my true self to be seen by the external world.  I see my authentic self in the mirror (most days)! That is the power of what you offer.    
"I have not had a remicade treatment since finishing your workshop and I have had no signs or symptoms.  That is a miracle.  I thought I would be strapped to an infusion chair for the rest of my life.  The Crohn's disease is what kept me out of the Peace Corps.  I don't think it will ever limit me again."



From the 2011 Group

“The whole program was well put together and very inspiring and informative. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would do it over and over again. I learned so many great techniques that can be used effectively. I didn’t expect to have such amazing personal growth along the way. Thank you for all you did to make it special for everyone. Such great memories.......”
--Tami Duncan, Reiki Master and Founder of LIA Foundation, Corona, CA

“I am so grateful that I found you. For the first time in my life, I finally feel like I belong here. Finally I feel complete, grounded, calm, at peace. I feel comfortable in my own skin. Since the Spiritual Journey Workshop and the Core Belief Workshop, I know that this work is the ticket to getting healed. I never thought that I could ever experience this sense of oneness with myself. I want to thank you so much for your work. I am deeply indebted to you. I love this program! I have retrieved my soul because of it.
“Also I wanted to share with you that my friend had tendonitis in her arm, and she was going to go to physio to work on the pain. I said wait a minute let me work on that for you and that was three weeks ago. The pain is still gone. I love this work!”
--Cindy LeBarron, Hairdresser & Advanced Integrated Energy Healer, Ontario, Canada
“I love both crystals and aromatherapy—now I have a better understanding of how to use them and integrate them into the healing process. The Emotional Release work gave me beautiful tools for releasing anger and fear in a most appropriate and healing way. The workshop on Releasing Earthbound Spirits helped me to understand this concept more and to realize how this issue can affect clients and how important it is to support them on their healing path.
“VibrationaI Alignment is a most beautiful tool for balancing the overall energy and supporting the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. It integrates the use of crystals, aromatherapy and voice with being always present and giving full attention to the healing process while asking questions and listening to the client’s response. It is a dual process that is most beneficial and divinely guided throughout the treatment. I was pleasantly surprised what a wonderful system this is—it has many aspects and whatever is needed for a specific client is in this tool bag.”
--Brigitta Reybold, Light-Channel Therapist, British Columbia, Canada

“My expectations were met and exceeded. It’s a very broad program and covers lots of ground. The Vibrational Alignment procedure was much more than I expected. I really liked this integration of all the components that we had been learning. To actually use what we had been taught and take it through the whole process brought everything into alignment. I also didn’t expect the deep healing that happened within myself. “I would absolutely recommend this program to others, but only to those who are really serious about removing their own core issues. The program covers extensive levels and is geared to very deep work. This was definitely not a superficial class!”
-- Judith Waskow RTT, CCMH, Registered Radiation Therapist, Certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist

From Others

“Joy's workshops have intensified and accelerated progress in my spiritual walk. In her workshops, there is warmth and safety; there is room to be open and genuine. There is room for growth. I've found the courage to function outside my comfort zone as well as expanding it. I am better able toi recognize and caim my authenticity. I'm learning to honor myself and others. I am able to give myself and others permission to become the best that they can be."
--Pat Wright Stover, Columbus, Ohio

"You will stay one of my favorite memories while honing my vibrational healing skills. You are an amazing mentor, an incredible healer and fabulous teacher. My time spent with you in Boxford, MA is one of my fondest learning experiences. It is my pleasure to be acquainted with you in any and all ways. I also greatly appreciate your availability whenever I've had questions regarding the use of energy medicine with my private practice clients. Many Blessings to You."
--Sheila Thomson, BCPP (Board Certified Polarity Practitioner)





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