What is Vibrational Healing?

by Joy Gardner

We are all vibrations. There is a harmonic frequency to which all life is attuned. The body and soul are made up of frequencies that form a harmonic and balanced whole when a person is healthy. These frequencies easily go out of tune when a person experiences stress or distress.


Every aspect of the body, mind and spirit has a distinct frequency that can be measured and altered. When the frequencies fall out-of-tune due to stress and tension, it results in disease. Vibrational Healing or Vibrational Medicine is the art and science of consciously bringing those vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment through the use of vibratory tools, including light, color, sound, crystals and aromatherapy.


A simplistic metaphor is that your whole being is like a piano. If just one string goes out of tune, you donít feel well. If several strings go out of tune, it begins to manifest as illness. The job of the Vibrational Healer is akin to the piano tuner. She has to go in and use a little instrument to discover which strings are out of tune. Then she uses other instruments to tighten or loosen those strings.


The Vibrational Healer uses instruments that influence frequency. One instrument is the human voice. The voice can act in several ways for healing. Through forceful and explosive sounds, it can break up stuck energy. Through soothing sounds, it can calm the nervous system. Through nurturing sounds, it can put the cells into a receptive mode, where they are better able to allow in nourishment and to release toxins.


Crystals are another form of vibratory tools. Human beings are highly mutable, and extremely emotional, so we easily fall out of tune. Crystals have an extremely stable atomic structure, so they always stay perfectly in tune. This is why they were used in original radio sets, because a certain crystal will keep you reliably tuned, for example, to 92.7 Hertz frequencies on your radio dial.


The variety of colors that occur in different crystals are caused by different minerals. Each mineral has a distinct frequency. Through trial and error and divine guidance, an art and science has evolved in which certain stones have a steadying influence on the emotional and physical bodies. When placed in the vicinity of the seven major chakras, through entrainment, they stabilize the frequencies of the corresponding chakras.


Color healing is another aspect of Vibrational Healing. Once again, though color is usually measured by nanometers (the distance from the crest of one wave to the next), colors can also be measured in hertz frequencies (the number of cycles per second). Just as dogs have the ability to hear in a range beyond the human audible range, and cats have the ability to see beyond the human visual range, there are some people we call clairvoyant, who have the ability to see beyond the normal visible range. These people describe a kind of halo of colored light surrounding the human body, known as the electromagnetic aura. Scientist Valerie Hunt, from UCLA, was able to use telemetry to actually measure the frequency of the human aura.


Normally all the colors of the rainbow are channeled through this aura that surrounds the body. But when there is imbalance or illness, some of these colors fade. Then the Vibrational Healer can use a lamp with colored filters to augment the personís aura. This is called chromotherapy, and it can be extremely effective in healing a wide variety of complaints, as demonstrated by Kate Baldwin, the Senior Surgeon at Philadelphia womanís Hospital Womenís Hospital for 23 years. She wrote an abstract for the Atlantic Medical Journal in April 1927, in which she testified that she could, in most cases, produce better results with color than with all other forms of treatment combined, including surgery. Dr. Baldwin kept eleven colored instruments going every day. (Darius Dinshaw, Let There Be Light, Malaga Health Society, Malaga, NJ, 2003.)


The essential oils used in aromatherapy give us yet another tool for Vibrational Healing. Bruce Tainio invented a machine that can literally measure the Hertz frequencies of plants, herbs, and even human beings. His machine can detect when a person is ill and when a person is healthy. This should not be surprising, since we know that human beings give off electrical energy. When you go for a physical exam, for example, your doctor will check your heart by using an electrocardiogram, an ECG. She or he can determine the health of your heart by measuring the cycles per second, the cps that your heart gives off. Hertz frequencies also measure cycles per second. So the ECG can be said to be measuring the Hertz frequencies of your heart. Likewise, plants also give off frequencies.


Indeed, any quantum scientist will tell you that all things vibrate, and everything that vibrates gives off a specific number of cycles per second, and this in turn can be measured through Hertz frequencies. Tainio was able to use his machine to measure the Hertz frequencies of essential oils. He and Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils. measured many oils, and found that rose oil, for example, vibrates at 320 Mhz, which is one of the highest measurements of any living thing in our world. No wonder roses are one of the most expensive flowers, and why they are so treasured by men who want to win, or to heal, the heart of a woman. I hope this helps you to understand why Vibrational Healing can be so powerful, and yet so harmless.


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