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Joy Gardner's Vibrational Healing
Certification Program

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Here are content descriptions of all the workshops.

All of the workshops may be taken in person. Seven are also taught as Teleconference Calls, entirely by phone. The last three workshops must be taken in person.

One workshop (Crystals and Aromatherapy--Balancing the Chakras) is taught through a series of seven one-hour videos. Most of the workshops may be taken in any order, individually, but priority of enrollment is given to those who enroll for the whole program.


All classes are taught by Joy Gardner
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Practical Realities



The Healing Voice

sound healing, toning, alternative medicine, energy medicine

photo by Bette Phelan

The human voice is one of our finest tools to express the heart and soul and to heal the body and spirit. We will do this through toning (making sustained vibratory sounds without melody, rhythm or words). You don't need a beautiful voice to tone. Every child is born knowing how to do it. The sound of your own voice is your best food. Frequency is your best medicine.

 This workshop is for those who want to

discover your voice
experience spontaneous self-expression
release pent-up emotions
release stress, pain and tension
experience inner peace

  Toning is the universal telepathic language that everyone can learn to use. It is a vital tool for your own healing, and a powerful tool for healing others. The group will do a variety of exercises which may include: Toning for the Pain in Your Body, Toning with Body Work, Toning the Chakras, Toning to Energize Manifestation, Toning for World Peace, and Shamanic Sounding.

(One Day or Three Teleconference Calls)

Crystals & Aromatherapy--Balancing the Chakras

photo by Bette Phelan

  When your chakras are open, the energy flows freely through body, mind and spirit. You feel happy, and there is no place for illness to lodge. The educated use of crystals and aromatherapy shatters and eliminates old patterns, grounding new frequencies into your being. Stable crystalline structures interact with your subtle energy currents, entraining the energy field to a healthy harmonious flow. Learn crystal placement and layouts, and how to use essential oils to open and balance the chakras.

(Two days or Seven one-hour videos.)

Note: you must complete this workshop before taking the last workshop on Vibrational Alignment.

Required reading: Vibrational Healing through the Chakras and Pocket Guide to Chakras by Joy Gardner. Recommended reading: Color and Crystals by Joy Gardner (out-of-print).
Gemstones will be provided and sold. You should also bring your own crystals and oils. Video students (and other people) can arrange to buy a Crystal Healing Kit directly from Joy.

     (See also Crystals in Joy's autobiography.)

(Two Days or Seven One-hour videos)

Making a Hypnotic CD

Many of the workshops in this series will require that you take your client into an altered state. In this workshop you will learn how to do that.

When you make a Hypnotic CD, you begin by setting down some short-range and long-range goals. You examine those goals carefully, asking yourself (or your client) "What are the advantages and disadvantages of achieving these goals." Whenever you find disadvantages, you reframe the goals, taking these issues into account. This allows your subconscious mind to come into complete alignment with creating the goals you want.

"I create my own reality. What my mind has created, it can change." Students find that by using this technique, they can manifest at least 90% of their goals--even if they do seem far-fetched! This is a skill that you can use for the rest of your life--for yourself, your family and your friends.

(One Day or Three Teleconference Calls)


Underlying Cause -- The Roots of Disease

Why do we become ill? If we try to "cure" an illness without discovering the underlying cause, it is like putting a band-aid over a festering sore. Illness is an opening into the dark night of the soul. If we are courageous enough to go there, it can be rewarding beyond measure.

Many of the workshops in this program are designed to help you explore the Underlying Cause of illness. This workshop will give you some basic tools that will prepare you for these modalities.

  • Gestalt Dreamwork - a method that will help you to understand your dreams, based on the understanding that everyone and every thing in your dreams are an aspect of yourself

  • De-Cording - the umbilical cord is an appropriate attachment for a fetus to have with its mother -- but it is cut shortly after birth. We have a tendency to form inappropriate attachments to other people. It is very liberating when we can find these cords and remove them.

  • Ritual for Ending A Relationship - this ritual cuts the cords to the lower chakras and allows you to get truly free of a relationship that no longer serves you.

  • Cast of Characters - this is one of Joy's original techniques that will allow your body, mind, spirit and heart to come into balance with each other, and work well together as a team. This method is a great enhancement for visualization work.

   Required reading: Body/Mind Journeys by Joy Gardner-Gordon (available from Joy)

(One Day or 4 Teleconference Calls)

     (See also Underlying Cause in Joy's Autobiography.)

Spiritual Journeys

A Spiritual Journey is like a waking dream. You are taken into a light trance, and then you walk along your path. Whomever or whatever you meet while you are walking on your path is given by your subconscious mind as a way of communicating with your conscious mind. Everything you encounter has symbolic meaning. You will be guided to talk to each person and object, to interpret the symbols and learn the lessons that they present to you.

During a Spiritual Journey you may meet your Spirit Guide.


This technique was developed by Rev. Helena Ram of Seattle.

(One-and-a-half Days or Four Teleconference Calls)

Cellular Consciousness

In this workshop you will venture into the hidden realms of the subconscious and reach deep into cellular code.   Every disease is an opportunity for personal growth. Learn why the body becomes open to illness and imbalance, and how to replace it with health and well-being.

Part 1 is a Spiritual Journey inside of the body. It is a powerful and highly effective method for working with chronic illnesses.

Part 2 takes the client through an age regression, tracing the progressive cellular development of the illness through various key events. (Part 2 is only taught in the in-person workshop.)

(Two Days or Four Teleconference Calls)

Core Belief Re-Programming

You may believe that you are ready for change, but no matter how much the mind is convinced, deep and lasting change will not come until you enlist the cooperation of the subconscious. This cannot be willed and it cannot be forced. The subconscious has a language of its own.

During this workshop you will learn a noninvasive method for identifying and changing old dysfunctional core beliefs such as "You'll never get it right," "You're nothing but a loser," "If you lose weight, you'll attract too much attention." You will learn a gentle and highly effective technique to enlist the cooperation of the subconscious to embrace new beliefs for deep and lasting healing.

Most Core Beliefs come from your childhood, and were intended to protect you. But this aspect of yourself still believes that you are a child. Learn a simple and compassionate way to work with your subconscious to release all negative past programming. With the technique, you can make changes in your life that are truly staggering. You can lose weight, become more successful in your chosen line of work, become more prosperous and more relaxed. This work is invaluable for overcoming addictions and breaking out of obsessive behavior patterns.

(One Day or Four Teleconference Calls)

Past Life Regressions

   Just by pulling back a thin veil, your distant memory can reach into childhood, into prenatal experiences, and even into past lives. Simple techniques lead to profound experiences. Since 1976 Joy has helped over 1000 people part that veil and explore their distant past. She will talk about examples from her own and her client¹s past lives and will explain how these memories have helped to clear up relationships as well as physical ailments.

     Perhaps these "past lives" are just be an elaborate weaving of the subconscious mind— yet they are often accompanied by a depth of emotion and understanding that enables participants to release painful experiences in their current lifetimes and even physical ailments that have plagued them, sometimes since birth.

     This is an opportunity to take a magical journey through a portal beyond time, which will enable you to understand and release karmic debts from the distant past. Even core beliefs can be cleared by exploring their roots in past lifetimes. Participants will learn techniques for helping others to make this journey safely, and how to determine whether a person is truly ready for this experience.

(One-and-a-half Days or Four Teleconference Calls)


(see also Past Life Regressions in Joy's Autobiography)

Required reading: Body/Mind Journeys by Joy Gardner (available only from Joy)

Intuition, Meditation, and Releasing Earthbound Spirits

Through meditation you develop the ability to listen to your intuition. That inner voice is your greatest teacher. This workshop is about

  • Entering the Silence

  • Breathwork

  • The Four Element Meditation

  • Accepting Ourselves

  • Embracing Our Peculiarities

  • Releasing Earthbound Spirits

We live in a universe of interpenetrating worlds; angels, spirit guides, nature spirits and departed ancestors weave in and out of our so-called reality. The transition into death is often wrought with fear, and those who are overly attached to the physical may linger. They get stuck on this side, often forming a parasitic relationship with the living. These unhealthy attachments are a fairly common cause of emotional and physical ailments that cannot be ignored by practitioners who work with subtle energies. The technique for their removal is simple, straightforward, and compassionate, often resulting in what appear to be "miraculous healings."

(Two days - In person only.)

crystals, crystal therapy, alternative medicine, new age, emotional healing

"I always feel blessed when a participant can SEE the energy and describe how it changes (this is not one of my gifts). In this case the person was also an artist - Jim Channon. He drew this picture of a process in which there was a large dark energy blockage at this woman's third chakra. The group toned together and Jim saw the dark mass rise up above her body. Then I made piercing sounds and the energy exploded and scattered. Another participant saw exactly the same thing. The woman I was working on experienced a complete release of tension
that she had been carrying for years." -- Joy Gardner

Emotional Release

 As you open your heart, you become a conduit, bringing healing energy through your very presence. Those who are grieving find courage to put down their burdens, heal their pain, and live their lives more fully. Those who are healers become more fully present for their clients, without feeling drained.  People go away from this workshop feeling lighter, happier, and healthier. Many are able to put aside addictions and overcome depression.

Find your bliss by draining your pool of sorrow. Change fear (which paralyzes) into caution (which empowers).  This weekend is invaluable if you have any unfinished business that prevents you from truly showing up in your personal or your professional life.

This workshop may include:

Owning your own power
Safe release of anger
Relationships and sexuality
Parents, children and siblings
Death & Loss •  Miscarriage & Abortion

Joy Gardner studied with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. This workshop is modeled after Elisabeth’s. Joy helped start a hospice in British Columbia where she trained volunteers.

(Two days - In person only.)


Vibrational Alignment

 This particular method of Vibrational Healing employs a unique form of chakra diagnosis taught only by Joy Gardner. Learn to work with an open heart and highly sensitive intuition to feel the spin of subtle energies at each of the chakras. Learn to detect excess or deficient energy flows in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies before they manifest as disease in the physical body. Work with the body's own electromagnetic energy to find your own healthy harmonic resonant frequency.

     Experience personal transformation through this unique form of Vibrational Healing which combines elements of all the previous workshops with subtle energy diagnosis including:

  • toning
  • visualization
  • emotional release
  • color and gemstone layouts
  • underlying cause of disease
  • present and past life regressions

     Whether you're dealing with physical challenges or the next stage of your spiritual evolution, this is the place to let go of your old patterns and move forward with your true life's purpose.

(Three days - In person only.)





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