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One of my clients sent these remarkable photos!

"Joy, I saw the orb pictures on your website when I was checking to see when you would be in the area again.  I saw you last May in Andover, MA and you did a healing on my lower back, which continues to feel very strong.

"My 16-year old-daughter, Maria Pearl, passed away on June 15, 2006.  About 9 months later I was told by a medium to start taking pictures because Maria was saying that I would begin seeing orbs in them.  It took about 6 months and all of a sudden there were orbs showing up in about 90 % of my pictures.  They were showing up on different cameras and indoors and outdoors.  It was really cool! There would always be anywhere from 1 to 10 orbs showing up regularly."

Photos and text on this page by Lori Davis-Miller

Note from Joy: I enhanced these photos just a little, by taking the brightness down and the contrast up, so you can see the exquisite patterns in the orbs a little more easily. At the bottom is just one orb, enlarged and contrasted even more.


" In December of 2007 I went to visit a spirit artist and in her office was a phenomenal picture of a Buddha covered in orbs.  I left her that day saying that my goal was that I would have the same type of phenomenon occur around a life size angel that I have in my front yard in memory of my daughter.  The pictures that you see occurred approximately 10 months later.  It was a crystal clear night. I call it the night of 1000 Orbs.  

"Lots of times I will take pictures at night and at first no one will show up.  Then I call to them, and in the next picture orbs will show up!! It is pretty phenomenal.  I always chuckle as it happens!   I agree with you that the spirits come when there is lots of activity or music and fun going on."

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