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Greeting the Light - a video by Joy Gardner

These words from St. Germain embody the essence of Manifestation, as I teach it and understand it: Energy is circular. When we accept our own connection with Spirit, when we serve the Highest Good without reservation by following inspiration and inner guidance, when we live in a state of joy and gratitude, then we can fully expect the Universe to respond in like kind, by protecting us, by generously supplying and sustaining all our needs. When we accept and acknowledge our own Divinity, then we return the blessing to Source.

Namaste (I honor the Divine within you)

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CD cover: Altered States of Planet Earth with Joy Gardner, voice, and Aleho, Didjeridoo, shows different versions of the earth from space.


"I love my LASER! "

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"This is the SCALAR WAVE LASER that I use in my practice and for personal healing. It is an amazing light machine."

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