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So much stuff has come up since our session and I am using the tools as you suggested and things have been much better for me. I have also found that since our session I have been clearing a lot, have more bowel movements and my intuition has been clearer. I am so happy. I have looked at the situation with my parents more objectively and I am feeling better about myself and the way I feel about them as well. I have used my tools especially at night and I have been more settled in my sleep. I am happy and blessed and want to thank you so much.
In His Service
Cassandra J. Bowen Mrs.
Barbados (telephone consultation)

Joy is a talented and gifted healer who has the ability to use multiple "technologies" in her work with clients.  I benefitted from Joy's diverse skills and gifts in healing by resolving some deep and very personal emotional issues that I was not even conscious that I needed to resolve.
Andrew L. from New York

When I came to see Joy, I was walking with a cane. My doctor had scheduled me for hip replacement. But I was only 39! After just one session, I felt incredible. I threw away my cane and walked down the stairs without any pain. I went home and threw away my pain killers and antidepressants. What a relief!
Jennifer Jason, Boston, MA

I've had diabetes since I was 10 years old. After I started working with Joy, the amount of insulin I needed went down almost every month. After six months, I stopped the injections. I'm almost normal now, but I still go back for Alignments once every few months. What a blessing this work is!
David Takahama, Hilo, HI

I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease, and my doctor wanted to radiate my thyroid gland. Instead I went to Joy. Thank goodness! Now my body is producing the right amount of thyroid naturally.
Roxanne Thompkins, Santa Cruz, CA

When Joy sang over me, it felt like there was something unraveling within me and working its way out. I could feel it shaking me all the way to the core of my existence.—
Karen McDaniel, Waimea, HI

I had absolute terror about getting up on the stage and performing. Joy did a session with me on the phone and the terror went away. I sang better than ever. It felt so great to have the added confidence. I received several compliments about my "presentation energy" on stage, One woman even asked if I had sung professionally with other groups. It was truly amazing. By the way, I've also quit drinking.
—Janice Silverberg, Virgin Islands

I had bad arthritis in my knees, and the Doc said it was just going to get worse, Now I have almost no pain from the arthritis, and I've begun to walk two miles every other day! I lost 10 pounds in two months.
—Jan Fujisaka, Waikoloa, HI

My right hip sacral area used to go out of alignment and radiate pain down my leg. We did a journey for Underlying Cause. The mind was coaxed to go back and explore the moment of choice, when the energy was closed off by fear. I saw that fear is a vibratory field that comes in and separates from the whole. The real essence of everything is a gentle pulsation of contracting and expanding..
My body was nurtured by exquisite crystals, powerful aromas, brilliant colors, and sounds that disrupt old patterns and restore harmony and free flow. I could feel unified vibration being taken into each individual cell and the message was one of no separation. As it all blended, my body felt like it was melting, and all that was present was the rhythm. Just the rhythm. And in that rhythm was such as sense of love! At such a cellular vibratory level!
Oh yes, and I'm no longer limping and the pain is gone. Isn't it amazing, what the mind can do?
— Doe Hart, Columbus, OH

Joy's method for transforming false belief systems, into truth via sound vocalization is glorious. I have worked with a number of other systems, but this is the BEST. Every aspect of consciousness is awakened to the new TRUTH. I love it and I'm so grateful for this teaching. It doesn't get any better.
— Kara Hayes, Kailua-Kona, HI

Doing Grief Work with Joy helped me get in touch with emotions that were deeply buried. I then was able to be present to help my husband make a beautiful transition from life to the spiritual realm., It made all the difference: being open, loving and present.
— Annie Gaunt, Columbus, OH

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