What is a Laser?


Excerpted from Vibrational Healing through the Chakras by Joy Gardner:

Nothing conveys the power of electromagnetic radiation as dramatically as the laser. It is almost impossible to grasp that light can literally cut through human flesh, weld steel, and drill two hundred holes in the head of a pin. Instead of “laser light,” it would be more accurate to call it “laser radiation,” since lasers use radiation of various kinds, including (but not limited to) visible light.

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Let us examine what these acronyms mean and how a laser works: 1) Laser light is monochromatic (highly single-colored). The purer the color, the more intense the focus. You may experience this with color healing. Certain kinds of glass and plastic give a relatively pure rendition of the red frequency, for example, and this material is highly desirable when treating conditions that are responsive to pure red light, as compared to light containing elements of pink, orange or purple. A ruby crystal was used in the first laser light, because the color red is so pure. Laser light is about 10 million times more monochromatic than the best conventional laboratory light sources.

2) Laser light is coherent (highly organized). Most electrons are in the lowest energy state allowed by nature. They are considered stable, because normally they will not change over a long period of time. When energy is pumped into them, they absorb the energy and become excited and move to a higher energy state. In a highly excited state they give off energy usually in the form of subatomic energy bundles of light called photons. When a quasi-stable electron is exposed to another photon of light, the electron will emit another photon. This is called stimulated emission (the SE portion of the LASER acronym). The new photon will move in alignment with the stimulating photon. As these new photons emit more light, they excite other electrons in the lasing medium, and they all move into alignment with each other. These highly organized waves stay together in phase over long distances and long periods of time. This is called a state of coherence.

3) Laser light is collimated (highly directional), traveling in a narrow cone. It can maintain focus, travelling in a straight line over long distances without losing energy. It can be focused by a lens, to a point of concentration.

4) Laser light is available in a wide range of power levels, from microwatts (millionths of a watt) to terawatts (milllion millionths of a watt). The energy is highly intense and concentrated.

5) Laser light is available in a continuous stream or intensely short, powerful pulses.  

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