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COLOR Healing (Chromotherapy)

Scientific Studies

Blue Light Shown to Destroy Staph

In the January 31, 2009 issue of ScienceDaily, "Two common strains of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, commonly known as MRSA, were virtually eradicated in the laboratory by exposing them to a wavelength of blue light, in a process called photo-irradiation. . . . In the current study, 'Blue 470-nm Light Kills Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Vitro,' the authors exposed bacterial colonies of MRSA to various doses of 470-nm light," and they destroyed 90.4% of the staph.

By the way, “Photo irradiation” just means shining light on something. “470-nm blue light” just means pure blue without contamination of red or violet. Blue light falls within the range of 440-490 nm. It’s nothing unusual or fancy.A “higher dose” just means staying under the light for longer. I would recommend one hour or more per day. But you may feel withdrawn or reclusive after being under blue light for more than an hour.

Color Effects the Nervous System

In 1942 Russian scientist S.V. Krakov wrote about “Color Vision and Autonomic Nervous System” in the Journal of the Optical Society of America. By1958 he was able to demonstrate that the color red stimulates the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system and that the color blue stimulates the parasympathetic portion. [S.V. Krakov, "Color Vision and the Autonomic Nervous System,"Journal of the Optical Society of America (June, 1942).]

 Robert Gerard confirmed these findings in 1958, [R.M. Gerard, "Differential Effects of Colored Lights on Psychophysiological Functions," (Ph.D. dissertation, University of California at Los Angeles, 1958), quoted in Liberman, 45.] demonstrating that when 24 normal adult males sat in front of a screen with red light for ten minutes, their blood pressure, arousal via palmar conductance, respiratory movements, and eye-blink frequency increased. When the participants sat in front of a screen with blue or white light, these same factors diminished. Blue increased their sense of relaxation and lessened their anxiety and hostility, while red increased their tension and excitement, as well as their levels of anxiety.

Neonatal Jaundice

This condition occurs in over 60 percent of premature babies. [G. Trexler, The World of Light, Color, Health and Behavior (Fairfield, IA: Self-Published , 1985), as described in Liberman, 45.] Excessive bilirubin causes the skin to turn, and it can lead to brain damage or death. Hospitals commonly expose these babies to intense blue light for several days to effectively bring down the bilirubin levels. [R. Hodr, "Phototherapy of Hyperbilirubinemia in Premature Infants," translated from Ceskoslovenska' Pediatrie 16(Feb., 1971): 80, 82, as cited in Jacob Liberman, Light--Medicine of the Future.] Prior to discovering this treatment, infants had to undergo a complete blood transfusion.


According to a Texas university study, athletes looking at red lights experienced 13.5 percent increase in their physical strength, with 5.8 percent more electrical activity in their arm muscles, compared to other light conditions. [G. Legwold, "Color-Boosted Energy: How Lights Affect Muscle Action,"American Health, May, 1988.] On the other hand, a reduction in muscle strength, along with a significant reduction in violent and aggressive behavior, occurred within 2.7 seconds among prison inmates placed in small pink holding cells. [A.G. Schauss, "Tranquilizing Effect of Color Reduces Aggressive Behavior and Potential Violence,"The Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry 8, no. 4(1979): 218-221.]


Researchers at Cornell University discovered that applying blue light to the backs of the knees resets the body's internal clock, eliminating jet lag and the sleep disturbances that accompany shift work. [Institute for Chromotherapy, quoting a CNN announcement, quoted by Angelo Cammilleri on]

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