Questionnaire for Applicants
to the RMA Mystery School and the

Vibrational Healing Program


from Joy:

If you are considering joining us, I'd like to get to know you.

Please understand that many people want to join the Mystery School, but there is limited space and it is not appropriate for everyone. The selection of chelas (spiritual students) is not an intellectual process. There is no clear-cut way to qualify.


The whole RMA Mystery School is conducted by my Guidance, including the selection of students. Sometimes I will sense that an applicant is not a good fit for the Program, but I may recommend private sessions—with me or someone else— or I may offer to take a student privately, perhaps for once-a-month sessions. Or I may refer a potential student to someone else.


Why do I ask so many personal questions? Both the photo and the Questionnaire serve dual purposes. Once the program starts, I will send headshots and contact information to all of the chelas in your group, so that you can contact one another, to arrange to work on each other. Also it’s great to have a photo to attach to a name. We will be doing intense personal work in the Mystery School, and it helps me to have your personal information to refer back to. Please know that whatever you share in this Questionnaire is completely private. It will only be read by me (Joy). I will not share this information with anyone else—except for your contact information and photo, which will be shared only with your group.


If you are a very private person, this program may not be right for you, because we do group work that requires a willingness to be vulnerable and fairly transparent—though confidentiality is absolutely essential, to create a safe space for all of us.

Please cut and paste this Questionnaire in an email to me, Joy Gardner, and complete the questions. Write "Questionnaire" in the Subject Field. I will contact you within about a week to schedule an interview. (Since emails don't always get through, please write or call again if you don't hear from me.) This does not constitute a commitment of any kind. It is just an opportunity for us to get acquainted.

You are not required to answer all the questions. You are always at choice. But if you choose to not answer, I would like to know your reason(s), if you're willing to share that.




Your Name

Male or Female?*

Email Address

Physical Address, City, Zip 

Phone Number(s) and best time(s) to call each one 

Skype name (if available) 

Website (if applicable)

Date of Birth

If you know them, please share your astrological sun, moon, and rising signs and your Chinese animal year.

How did you find out about the Mystery School and/or the Vibrational Healing Program? If it was a Web search: What key words did you use? What attracted you about the website or the program? If it started by reading my book(s), which book(s) did you read, and where did you find it? What did you like about it:  

Have you read any of my books? Which ones?  







What do you want most to change or to evolve about yourself?




Are you interested in becoming a Certified Vibrational Energy Coach? ____ Why?



Would you be able to come to Hawaii for 2 weeks (please see the Calendar for the relevant dates)? This is a requirement for full Certification. Would you be able to pay the nonrefundable deposits for food and lodging on the dates indicated?


Are you available on Sundays or/and Wednedays from 8-10 pm EST (for Phase 1) and Sundays from 2-4 pm EST (for Phase 2).




In addition to a 2-3 hour class once a week, would you be available for two hours or more of homework on some weeks (this does not always happen)?

Have you read or listened to or watched any of the books or CDs or DVDs on the Recommended List? If so, which ones?



Level of Formal Education (just curious):




What kind of work do you do—or are you retired, or a student, or primarily a parent?





Do you consider yourself an Indigo Child or Crystal Child or a member of the Third Wave of Consciousness, anything else that you care to mention?



Do you have the funds to pay for the Program?

Do you have any special training, workshops and apprenticeships in healing and related areas?

What experience have you had in healing other people? (any kind)   

Are you married or in a committed relationship? Do you live together? Please say a few words about your current relationship.


If you have been married previously, and if you care to, please say a few words about ex-partners that made an impact on your life.


Do you have children? If so, what ages, sexes? Do they live with you?  How do you feel about them?

How do you feel about your parents? (Whether they are alive or not.) 

Do you have siblings? If so, how do you feel about them?


What is your nationality? (Just curious.)


Were you raised with a particular religion? If so, what was it? Are you a member of a particular religion now?


What are your goals for yourself in the next year—personally and professionally?   Do you feel that the Mystery School and/or the Vibrational Healing Program could assist you in accomplishing your goals? Please elaborate.  






If you join the Mystery School and you take the Vibrational Healing Program, what would be your best-case scenario about the changes that would occur in your personal and professional life? 





 Name and tell about one person who has had a profound influence on you, and why.  





Do you love yourself? Please elaborate.  





Do you currently work with energy? Do you practice any form of Vibrational Healing for yourself or others?  





Are you currently in counseling or therapy or under the care of a psychiatrist for any condition? Please explain.





If you are taking drugs (of any kind) for depression or mental conditions or physical conditions, please elaborate. 




 Do you use recreational drugs or alcohol or cigarettes or caffeine frequently? Please elaborate.




Are you currently under the care of a physician for any chronic conditions? Please explain.





What would you like me to know about you?  





Ask me a good question.  





If you would like to go deeper, feel free to answer any of these questions:


What is the hardest thing you've ever worked for?   




What do you value most in life?  





Tell about one of your happiest moments.  





Do you have any kind of spiritual practice? Please describe.  





What do you do when you are under a lot of stress?  




What do you do when you feel angry? 


Do you see, hear, or feel energies or have experiences that are unusual? Please elaborate.


What is your nationality or cultural or religious background? Is there anything you would like to share about this?


*If you have a non-traditional sexual expression (gay, lesbian, transexual), please feel free to write or talk about it.


Note: People of all sexual persuasions, races and colors are welcome in the program and will certainly not be discriminated against. If there is anything that is a source of discomfort in your life, please know that I am committed to creating an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance, and I want you to feel free to write or talk about these issues when the time feels right.  Anyone who attends these workshops is asked to have absolute commitment to preserving confidentiality about any personal information that is shared during the classes. You will be asked to leave your judgments behind. If this is difficult for you to do, that’s okay, as long as you see it as a challenge and are willing to be honest and work on changing your attitude (toward yourself and others).



Why a photo?

Photos are worth a thousand words--epecially if you're psychic! Don't worry - you will not be discriminated against for anything related to your personal appearance.  


Thanks for taking the time to do this,





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